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10 Benefits of Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps

Blackmer developed an innovative sliding vane technology as a unique positive displacement pump feature. This efficient and effective pumps provide an array of excellent benefits, which we will detail below.

How a Sliding Vane Pump Works

A sliding vane pump uses a turning rotor that draws liquid from the inlet port behind each vane, pulling into the pumping chamber. Through each rotation, the fluid smoothly transfers between the vanes to the outlet. Each vane creates a positive mechanical push to the liquid in front of it as the chamber is squeezes down.

Each vane maintains contact with the chamber wall thanks to three key forces:

  1. Centrifugal from the rotation of the rotor
  2. Pushrods that move between the opposing pairs of vanes
  3. Liquid pressure entering through the vane grooves

What Are the Benefits of Sliding Vane Pumps?

Blackmer sliding vane positive displacement pumps utilize a revolutionary sliding vane technology that provides several key advantages:


Blackmer sliding vane pumps are self-priming, which benefits over many pumps that require expensive priming systems to operate.

2. Run-Dry Capabilities

These pumps have extended run-dry capabilities. As a result, they don’t have to be shut down or slowed down for variable liquid transfer applications, and they eliminated the need for current monitoring systems.

3. Self-Adjusting for Wear

The unique sliding vane technology self-adjusts for wear during operation, enabling the user to maintain consistent flow rates.

4. Dependable Performance

Sliding vane technology is a simple, yet elegant fluid transfer solution that provides trouble-free operation, sustained performance, and dependable results.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are straightforward to maintain and can be replaced without removing the pump from the piping system.

6. High Suction Lift Capabilities

Blackmer pumps achieve high suction lift above 25 feet (7.6 meters) and line-stripping capabilities, allowing you to completely empty tanks and piping of liquid.

7. Low Life-Cycle Costs

Benefit from lower life-cycle costs that often come with other pumps systems with Blackmer’s simple maintenance and stress-free operation. In addition, Blackmer pumps are renewable and easily repairable if anything does fail.

8. Solids-Handling Capabilities

Large displacement and slow internal velocities allow for solids-handling applications and liquids with suspended solids. These pumps are great for anything from food and beverage processing to wastewater treatment.

9. Viscosity Flexibility

Blackmer sliding vane pumps can handle fluids with thin or thick viscosity levels, thus eliminating the need for expensive heating systems.

10. Energy Efficiency

Blackmer pumps require much less horsepower than many other types of pumps, which allows you to run more efficiently, save on energy costs, and extend the lifespan of your drive motors.

Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps – Product Overview

Blackmer offers several different series of positive displacement pumps that utilize their patented sliding vane technology:

Cavitation Line

These Blackmer sliding vane pumps are excellent at dealing with liquids that have high vapor pressures. Each series has a unique design to handle unique needs:

  • LGL Series – for propane (LPG) and NH3 applications
  • SGL Series – suited for liquefied gas transfer
  • CRL Series – ideal for liquefied CO2 applications

Heavy Duty Line

Blackmer manufactures several excellent heavy duty sliding vane pumps like the HXL, ML, and XLW, that are utilized in many different industries for a variety of extreme applications.

Iron Line

Blackmer’s iron line features a number of specialty sliding vane pumps that are great for transferring non-corrosive liquids of all viscosities.

Magnetic Line

These positive displacement rotary vane pumps utilize a seal-less magnetic drive system to provide durable, leak-free operation when processing difficult-to-seal liquids.

Stainless Line

When dealing with corrosive liquids with thin viscosity, look to Blackmer’s stainless steel line of pumps that offer maximum corrosion resistance.

Specialty Line

Some applications call for unique pumping requirements. Blackmer produces a lineup of specialty sliding vane pumps with different configurations and operating features to solve various unique pumping challenges.

To learn more about Blackmer sliding vane technology and find the positive displacement sliding vane pump best-suited for your specific application, contact DXP Pacific today. Let us help you get the right pump system for your operation.