DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

4 of the Best Wine Pumps

At DXP Pacific, we work with wineries throughout California—from Napa Valley and Temecula to the Central Coast and Central Valley. Today’s winemakers know the right pumps can significantly streamline the production process and improve product quality. 

Pump systems can be used for a variety of winemaking applications, including transfer of whole grapes, pumping of must, recirculation, juice transfer, storage, bottling, and pumping out lees, pomace and sediments. Different pumps can be implemented along with computer monitoring and control systems to dial in every aspect of the process.

We are proud to work with many of the world’s top pump manufacturers. Our team can help you find the ideal pump that meets your budget and production requirements. Here are some of the best winery pumps on the market today:


INOXPA is one of the leading hygienic pump manufacturers. They offer the RV range of pumps that are ideally suited for winery applications, with high flow rates for liquids with solids in suspension. INOXPA RV pumps feature a helicoidal impeller design to minimize shearing and reduce temperatures applied to grapes and liquids flowing through the system. These pumps meet all CE-1935/2004 and FDA compliance standards and are also very energy efficient.

Ampco Wine Carts

Small and midsize wineries love Ampco’s brilliant wine cart. These mobile units are tailored based on each customer’s specifications and can include any of Ampco’s positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps or blenders. Two of their most popular wine cart models are the Cellar Cart and the Wine & Must Cart. The Ampco Cellar Cart has a convenient clean-in-place (CIP) feature for easy maintenance and cleaning wherever it is located at your winery. 

The Ampco Wine & Must Cart features an Ampco ZP1 Series positive displacement pump. It is available in four standard sizes and is adaptable to a variety of winemaking applications. It provides ample power and consistent performance with a mobile base that allows you to move it anywhere with the greatest of ease.

Vogelsang Wine Pumps

Vogelsang offers six wine pump models for various winery applications, ranging from whole grape transfer to must pumping and recirculation. These pumps feature a rotary lobe design. This provides a higher suction capacity, resistance to dry-running and reduced wine oxygenation for better product quality. Vogelsang wine pumps are compact and lightweight to minimize valuable space taken up in your facility. Yet, they are also extremely durable, dependable and simple to maintain.

SEEPEX Wine Pumps

SEEPEX makes several pumps suited for winery applications, including their BCSB, BCFH and T Series pumps. SEEPEX pumps are EHEDG and 3-A compliant. They are easy to keep clean and free of residue that can hinder wine quality over time. They meet the highest hygienic requirements, while also providing low pulsation and minimal shearing effects. T Series pumps from SEEPEX can be paired with an intake hopper and feed screw to convey various winemaking media like mash, must, pomace, and whole grapes. This provides an efficient system for crushing and conveyance all with one reliable unit.

To learn more about these pumps and other equipment for your California winery, contact DXP Pacific. Let us help you find the best solutions for your specific winemaking applications. We can also provide maintenance, repair and pump management services.