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6 Common Mistakes Made with Flexible Shaft Couplings

Flexible shaft couplings are fairly inexpensive and they are relatively simple to install and maintain. However, they often fail prematurely and that can be frustrating in your operation. In many cases, flexible shaft coupling failure is a matter of user error.
Here are six of the most common mistakes made with flexible shaft couplings:

  1. Misalignment Between Shafts
    The great thing about flexible shaft couplings is that they are designed to allow for some misalignment and flex between adjoining shafts. However, alignment is still important when installing these couplings. If you ignore the alignment or let it get too significant, it will ultimately cause problems.


  1. Selecting the Wrong Type of Coupling
    There are many different types of flexible shaft couplings out there and they are designed for different applications and configurations. Cortech Engineering can help you select the proper coupling for your equipment and for your application.


  1. Waiting Too Long to Select Coupling
    Unfortunately, many operators make their coupling decisions late in the game or a flexible shaft coupling is selected because there is some misalignment in the plant construction. Selecting and configuring a coupling solution should be part of the design planning from the start to ensure optimal performance.


  1. Insufficient Maintenance
    Just like any piece of equipment, the coupling requires regular maintenance. It needs to be cleaned, lubricated, realigned and tightened as part of a standard operational maintenance plan.


  1. Not Enough Lubrication
    The right type of lubrication must be used and the adequate amount should be applied and maintained. Check the manufacturer’s lubricant specifications and follow them properly.


  1. Lack of Communication
    Anyone using the equipment or working with the flexible shaft coupling in any way should be well-informed. All maintenance procedures and installation processes should be clearly communicated and followed to avoid the risk of failure.

When you use the right flexible shaft couplings and take care of them properly, you will reduce the risk of failure and help keep your plant running strong. To get the right couplings for your application, contact Cortech Engineering today for the best product selection and engineering guidance.