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7 Benefits of Pump System Automation

Many aspects of pump operation can be automated. Advanced control systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), predictive maintenance technology, and other tools can be utilized to optimize your system. This can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, achieve better overall pumping results, and extend the life cycles of your pump equipment. Let’s take a more comprehensive look at some of the benefits you can take advantage of with the right automation strategies.

More Efficient Run-time

Control and monitoring systems can enable you to automate specific processes. This pump technology is more advanced than ever. When it is properly configured to your system and dialed in for optimal efficiency and performance, you will see favorable results day in and day out. 

Decreased Downtime

A more efficient operation with a fully optimized system generally leads to less downtime for pump maintenance and repairs. Monitoring equipment and predictive maintenance technology can allow you to catch problems early and avoid major failures before they happen. Control automation can reduce the need for manual processes, maximizing your uptime.

Minimal Oversight

Today’s automation and control technology can enable one operator to oversee multiple pump systems in multiple locations from one central hub—or from anywhere with Wi-Fi and cloud-based access. This reduces the need for manual labor, which can lead to significant cost savings—or you can apply staff talents to other more important tasks at your facility.


Fewer people responsible for managing pump equipment typically leads to a safer work environment. There is less risk of human error or accidents. Automation and monitoring technology can detect problems early on. Problems like fluid leaks or cavitation can be revealed immediately to avoid environmental catastrophes or equipment damage.

Variable Control

Control automation technology can be paired with a VFD and other specialized equipment configurations to provide variable control that is completely automated. Changes in conditions can be detected in real-time, and the system can adjust itself. It’s quite amazing what today’s control, monitoring, and analysis technology can achieve. You may take a “set it and forget it” approach with a simpler application without a lot of variables to consider, or you can configure your automation to account for changing variables like pressure, temperature, flow rates, or fluid viscosity. 

Equipment Management

With smart automation, optimization, and predictive maintenance strategies, you can keep your pump equipment in better condition. You can anticipate maintenance needs and streamline those tasks. Ultimately, this can extend the life span of your equipment.

Worth the Investment

When done correctly, pump automation can save you a great deal of time, trouble, and money compared to performing tasks manually. The up-front technology and equipment investment and time to train operators are worth the cost savings that subsequently add up. In many cases, automation investments now pay for themselves—and then some—with long-term savings.

To learn more about automation technology and other advancements that can enable you to achieve a more efficient and optimized operation, contact DXP Pacific today. We’ll guide you to find the right solutions for your specific application and processing goals.