DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

8 Advantages of DXP Pacific Preventative Maintenance Services

Like any piece of heavy machinery, all industrial pumps require routine maintenance. In our line of work, we call it “preventative maintenance” because it is designed to keep the pump system running well while helping prevent major breakdowns and problems.

DXP Pacific offers comprehensive pump maintenance service plans to our customers. Here are 8 advantages of our approach:

  1. Better Pump System Performance
    Preventative pump maintenance is designed to give you optimal performance out of your pump system for as long as you own it. Better performance gives you improved operational efficiency, more reliable results and less downtime for repairs.
  2. Longer Equipment Life
    Taking care of the necessary maintenance tasks when they are required will extend the lifespan of your pump and the sensitive components inside. Replacing seals before they become too worn, keeping the lubrication fresh and routinely taking care of other important maintenance tasks will protect other vital components and keep everything lasting longer.
  3. Failure Prevention
    As the name implies, “preventative maintenance” is largely about preventing problems long before they happen—problems that can cost you a lot of unnecessary downtime. Potential issues can be identified and resolved and a healthy pump will maintain better performance, thus reducing the risks for equipment failures and pump system breakdowns.
  4. Long-Term Savings
    We all know it is much more expensive to make major repairs to a pump or to replace it entirely when it fails beyond repair. Dealing with the necessary maintenance services on a regular basis can save you a significant amount of money over time.
  5. Scheduled Service
    DXP Pacific works closely with your operators and will set up a dependable, predictable maintenance schedule. Our mechanics and engineers can come to your plant and take care of the necessary maintenance tasks with minimal disruption to your daily operation.
  6. Preferred Pricing
    Maintenance plans are more affordable with packaged pricing for DXP Pacific’s preferred clients. We can customize a maintenance plan for you and get you the best possible deal for a comprehensive pump service package. Maintenance plan clients will also benefit from priority service and pricing for any replacement parts and major repairs that may be needed over the course of the service contract.
  7. Custom Maintenance Plans
    DXP Pacific offers customized maintenance plans based on your specific needs and your pump system design. Many customers work with us to design and install their pumps, so we are very familiar with the equipment and set-up from day one. This gives our team a significant advantage when it comes to dealing with ongoing maintenance and repairs.
  8. Peace of Mind
    Last but not least, having professional maintenance done on your pump system by the pump experts of DXP Pacific will give you extra piece of mind. You depend on your pump equipment day in and day out. We understand this, so we are committed to getting the work done right and eliminating your worries.

These are just a few of the benefits of a preventative maintenance service plan from DXP Pacific. To learn more about our pump maintenance, design, installation and repair services, contact us today!