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Benefits of a Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD)

There are many reasons why you may want to consider installing a variable-frequency drive (VFD) on your centrifugal pump system. Energy savings and operating efficiency offset the costs of adding a VFD—but not all pump systems require VFDs. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how to run your pump most efficiently. This article will help you determine if a variable-frequency drive is worth the investment.

Here are 4 key benefits of VFDs:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Operating efficiency is always a top priority—you want to keep your pump equipment running at its best efficiency point (BEP). The best efficiency point consumes the least amount of energy while maintaining the level of system performance that you desire. Variable-frequency drive systems allow for advanced control of your equipment with real-time monitoring and adjustments. Similarly, the drive motor can be optimized for peak efficiency whether the pump runs at total capacity or is dialed down for a lower flow period. After all, the equipment uses the least energy when it shuts off.

A constant-speed drive system doesn’t allow for these variations. Meanwhile, most VFD systems can automatically adjust to changing operating conditions, ultimately saving energy consumption while ensuring dependable performance no matter the processing flow rates, temperatures, pressures, or speeds.

  • Less Wear and Tear

When you have a more efficient pump system, you will generally experience minor wear and tear on your equipment. A variable-frequency drive makes automated adjustments during operation to compensate for different conditions. For example, suppose the temperatures and pressures run too high or too low. In that case, the drive can compensate with altered speeds to avoid equipment failures and damage, extending the lifespan of your pump system equipment and critical components like bearings, mechanical seals, and impellers. Longer equipment lifespan and less maintenance downtime can add to significant operating cost savings over time.

  • Increased Reliability

An optimized pump system experiencing less wear and tear will typically operate much more reliably since you have fewer system failures and equipment breakdown concerns with a significant price tag. Inefficient systems require more maintenance and frequent parts replacements, causing lost production time. On the other hand, a VFD will improve your pump system reliability. Pump and pipe cleaning sequences can be automated, along with sleep modes and other energy-saving functions.

  • Better Control System

VFDs allow for advanced monitoring and automatic or manual real-time control. VFDs adjust as they run, so the centrifugal pump always operates at peak efficiency. You can monitor tank levels and change the set points as needed while the system immediately responds to the evolving conditions or processing demands. In addition, VFDs are excellent for multiple pump systems because they can provide better control and efficiency, even with a more complex equipment configuration.

To learn about variable-frequency drives and determine if a VFD is suitable for your pump system, contact DXP Pacific today. Let our pump experts help you increase operating efficiency and control.