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BJM RAD-AX Pump Technology Eliminates Wastewater Blockades

BJM Pumps is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers that Cortech Engineering has had a longstanding product partner relationship with. They provide quality pumps and accessories that are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and municipal applications. BJM Pumps’ newest technology, the SKG Series with RAD-AX Dual Shredding, has created a buzz for effectively handling items that were previously considered impossible to pump. The pump construction is aimed to reduce downtime and prevent repairs needed in the long run. Click here to watch the RAD-AX pump in action.
Addressing the Wastewater Challenge
Over the years, disposable wipes have become an issue of concern for residential and municipal sewer systems around the world. Wastewater officials suspect that these wipes are not biodegrading quickly enough, which is causing blockades to occur in sewers and pipes.
To address this issue, BJM Pumps released the SKG Submersible Shredder Series pump, which is designed with Dual Shredding RAD-AX technology that enables complete obliteration of flushable wipes and other solids that saturate wastewater. The SKG Series technology has made a strong impact on various, small waste water stations.
RAD-AX at a Glance
The SKG Series has a patent-pending design that employs both radial and axial shredding elements. A rotating cutter bar with serrated edges traps and shreds solids against the sharp grooves of a radial cutting ring, while multiple axial cutting bars shred any leftover material exiting the radial cutters.
All shredding components of the SKG Series are manufactured in hardened 440C Stainless Steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 55C plus, giving it durable construction for improved wear resistance and a longer service life. It relies on a high-torque, four-pole motor to ensure that difficult solids are handled more effectively. Utilizing a two-vane, chrome iron impeller, the SKG Series is extremely efficient for passing larger solids. The hardened impeller is resistant to wear, which translates into a longer service life.
Your BJM Pumps Resource
BJM Pumps has long been recognized as a leader in submersible, solids handling pumps for industrial and municipal services. For more information about BJM Pumps or for help with picking out the right pump for your specific application, contact Cortech Engineering today. Our experts will help you get the right equipment for the job at hand.