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Can Aftermarket Upgrades Improve Your Pump System?

Many customers we work with at DXP Pacific are working with older pump systems. In some ways, the old equipment has been relatively reliable and hasn’t necessarily needed to be replaced. However, it may not run efficiently or may require more maintenance time and expenses to keep running. 

Everyone would love to completely upgrade their pump equipment and install a brand-new system. However, that is a costly approach. If replacing your pump system, you must carefully plan out your budget, do your pump research and go through every single step carefully—from pump selection and configuration to precision installation and maintenance training.

Today, we want to talk about an alternative solution that many operators turn to when a full system upgrade simply isn’t in the budget. Rather than replacing the entire system, consider  targeted equipment upgrades. The core of your pump may still work fine. The solution (at least for now) could be to use aftermarket components and technology to enhance the performance of your existing pump system. 

Let’s look at a few options to consider:


Innovations in the pump industry are moving fast. This is especially true when it comes to monitoring systems and pump control technology. These upgrades can give you better readings on real-time pump performance and operating efficiency. They can also give you more precise control over certain aspects of the system. The equipment itself may not need to be upgraded. Technology can be implemented to help optimize processes and operation.

Upgraded Components

Specific components within your older pump system may simply be outdated. They could be degrading your energy efficiency or preventing you from getting the most out of your equipment. An operator needs to understand what every component of their pump system does. New components and equipment may be able to enhance and upgrade performance of the whole system without having to replace everything. 

Aftermarket Parts

Think of it like owning a car. There are some aftermarket parts that are simply there for show, while others will dramatically improve the performance of the vehicle in some way. Again, it pays to do your research. Understand what upgrades might be out there and which ones could benefit your pump system. Some enhancements could be technological. Others are mechanical. In some cases, you may want to stick with OEM parts. In others, you may want to look at aftermarket solutions that can be utilized with your existing equipment.

Existing Pump System Optimization

It can be frustrating to deal with an outdated pump system or one that isn’t running as efficiently or effectively as it should. You work with your pump equipment every day. It can sometimes be hard to step back and look at it all from an objective perspective. It may be time to bring in a third-party specialist who can run a complete review of your existing pump system. We do this all the time at DXP Pacific and you might be amazed at the results. A pump expert can objectively test and inspect your system to look for flaws and recommend what upgrades could be made to improve performance. 

The important thing to remember is that there may be solutions at your disposal that won’t cost you nearly as much as replacing your entire pump system. The goal is to enhance performance as much as possible while remaining within your budget. This can often be achieved with careful review, detailed research and strategic planning.

Even so, sometimes replacing and upgrading everything is the smartest long-term solution. It might cost you more now, but remember it is an investment in the future and could save you more money over time compared to old equipment that just isn’t getting the job done anymore.

For a professional inspection and audit of your existing pump system—or to discuss specific upgrade solutions—contact DXP Pacific today. We know how to help you get the most out of your pump equipment!