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Cortech Product Feature: Milton Roy MACROY Series Metering Pumps

The water treatment industry needs reliable pumps that provide specific control and performance. Milton Roy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metering pumps, including their exceptional MACROY Series of metering pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to solve the waste treatment industry’s pumping challenges.
Water Treatment Capabilities
When superior reliability and durability are critical to an operation, the MACROY Series is designed, engineered and constructed to handle the most demanding water treatment applications. It can handle pressures up to 175 psi (12 bar) and can achieve flow rates of up to 310 GPH (1181 l/hr). This makes it ideal for many treatment applications, including:

  • Out-gassing fluids
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Process additives
  • Slurries

Advanced Features & Performance Qualities
The truly groundbreaking feature found in the MACROY Series of Milton Roy metering pumps is their mechanically actuated diaphragm. This completely eliminates the potential of the process liquid being contaminated by the hydraulic oil. The liquid end of the diaphragm along with the machined seals and check valves remove flow restrictions, which ensures consistent low-flow performance.
Milton Roy pumps are designed to withstand tough working environments due to their high-grade construction. The motors are very efficient, which minimizes heat buildup. These pumps also offer variable speed options. This allows turndown ratios to be increased and precise adjustments to stroke, whether the pump is running or stopped. Lastly, the gears last a long time thanks to an incorporated oil bath operation.
Customizing MACROY Metering Pumps
MACROY Series metering pumps can be customized with DC-variable speed drives for external control and automation capabilities. They are UL, CUL and ETL certified in order to conform to CE and ANSI/NSF Std 50 Certifications. Many other options are available, so be sure to ask your Cortech representative about the customizations that will meet your operational requirements.
Depending on your pump needs, you will also want to ask our team about other incredible Milton Roy pumps and products like the PRIMEROYAL Series of metering pumps and the revolutionary new PROTEUS pump. We’ll be featuring more about these particular pumps in upcoming articles and social media posts, so stay tuned!
Cortech for Your Milton Roy Pump Needs
For all your industrial pump needs, count on Cortech. Whether you’re interested in a Milton Roy MACROY Series metering pump or you have other problems in search of a solution, we have you covered with the information, product advice and service that you deserve. Our experts will help you configure the ideal pumps and systems for the job, so contact us today!