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Cortech Product Feature: SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems

When you want an accurate, repeatable flow for your chemical process operation, look no further than the SEEPEX BRAVO series of Chemical Metering Systems. Cortech Engineering offers this innovative system, which boasts complete process control, excellent reliability and reduced chemical consumption.
Plug-and-Play for Easy Maintenance
One of the greatest features of SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems is the plug-and-play design that is crafted over three decades of engineering expertise at SEEPEX. This company has fine-tuned the art of optimizing progressive cavity pumps, systems and controls; the BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems represent the pinnacle of this technology.
Because of the plug-and-play assembly, SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems require very minimal downtime associated with installation, maintenance or repair. These systems are fully integrated, modular and scalable, allowing you to make the equipment work in any operating environment.
Modular Design
SEEPEX Touch Advanced Process Controls are also available for these metering systems. Options include simplex, duplex and triplex configurations for floor or wall mounting. The maintenance is very predictable, which means there is no risk of any catastrophic failure SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems are also NSF-ANSI 61 certified.
When it comes to any chemical process application, you can depend on your SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering System to provide accurate and repeatable flow rates with low shear, laminar flow, minimal pulsations and no vapor lock. The calibration column allows you to quickly calibrate your desired flow rates up to 175 PSI while the true-union valves offer simpler serviceability. These metering pumps are highly intelligent systems that can run wet or dry.
Other specialized features include the following:

  • Vent lines for suction side degassing
  • A liquid-filled pressure gauge
  • Pressure-relief valves
  • Pipe unions for targeted repairs

For more information about the SEEPEX BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems or other innovative SEEPEX pumps and accessories, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you find the ideal equipment solutions for your specific process applications.