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Department of Energy Announces New Pump Standards

Most newer pumps on the market today are extremely efficient and energy conscious. As the world continually sees the need to make products that conserve energy and other natural resources, more and more products are developed with this awareness in mind. Appliances, cars, light bulbs, you name it; everything comes in an energy efficient model these days. So why should pumps be any different? They aren’t. But, the problem is that many pumps being used in the commercial world are very old and are nowhere near as efficient as pumps being manufactured today in terms of energy consumption. This issue led to the development of new pump standards set forth by the Department of Energy. Cortech offers a wide variety of pumps that will help clients meet the new standards of the DOE.
The new standard will apply to all pumps that range from 1 to 200 horsepower, and all standards must be met by 2020. The 25% least efficient pumps in commission today will need to be completely redesigned or replaced to comply with the new regulations. The main problem the DOE saw with older pumps is the way that they function during variable flow. For this variable flow to be accomplished, the pump is often required to open and close multiple valves. Pumps that function in this manner consume a lot of energy and should be updated with a variable speed drive, which is much more efficient than the opening and closing of valves.
In fact, updating the pumps will save so much energy that, on average, the equivalent of the annual electricity usage of 2.8 million American homes will be saved. That saves billions of dollars worth of energy. This small measure could greatly contribute to the saving of energy on a global scale. In addition, individual companies can expect to reduce their energy consumption by 50%, saving them thousands to millions of dollars a year.
Cortech is proud to offer a wide variety of pumps from many well-known and respected companies in the pump industry that will help companies comply with the new standards set forth by the DOE. Pumps with variable speed drives are cost effective, efficient, and affordable. Call Cortech today to determine which pump will be best for your application and will get you up-to-date with the new standards as soon as possible.