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Diamonds Are a Pump’s Best Friend: The Power of John Crane Diamond Technology

It was a true game-changer when John Crane started using diamond seal face technology on their mechanical seals in 2019. They have always been known for innovative and durable mechanical seal designs, but their Diamond technology has taken things even further. Since then, they have perfected the diamond-face design and applied it to a wide range of their product lines. Is it time for you to upgrade your pump’s mechanical seals with John Crane Diamond?

How Does Diamond Technology Work?

Diamonds are nature’s hardest substance. John Crane applies an ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCDTM) treatment to their seal faces, which is a thin film of genuine diamond. The technology is integrated directly within their manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance. John Crane Diamond is used on select Sintered Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide mechanical seals, creating seal face capabilities you simply won’t find with standard-material seal faces.

Which John Crane Seals Have Diamond Technology?

Type 5600 Universal Cartridge Seals are the most commonly used mechanical seals in John Crane’s catalog. They are utilized in a wide variety of industries and pump applications, and  are available with Diamond technology. John Crane also offers Diamond seal faces on seals from the following product families:

• Type 5800 Slurry Seals

• Type 48VBF Boiler Feed Water Seals

• Type 8AB Seals

Benefits of John Crane Diamond

John Crane Diamond mechanical seals are proven to outperform traditional seal face materials in severe operating conditions. Here are some of the key benefits of this revolutionary technology:

Extended Seal Life—Easily the largest advantage of John Crane Diamond is the longer lifespan of the seal. Diamond-face seals last longer and provide superior performance. This means more production uptime and less downtime lost to maintenance and repairs.

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness—Diamond mechanical seals are more of an investment upfront but can save you money over time because of the durability and dependability of the seal. They also tend to provide increased energy efficiency and reduced water consumption.

Durability in Low-Lubricity Conditions—Some fluids create high-wear conditions during operation. Diamond seals provide stronger wear resistance and reliable performance in low-lubricity conditions.

Dry Running—John Crane Diamond seals are designed to accommodate intermittent dry running episodes, helping to reduce the risks of seal failure compared to traditional mechanical seals.

Reduced Friction—John Crane Diamond mechanical seals provide a better coefficient of friction (CoF). This provides constant friction under load, less water consumption, and reduced energy usage during operation. 

Smaller Carbon Footprint—Leaving a smaller carbon footprint means you’ll be using less water and energy and replacing seals less often. Your pump system will also run more efficiently.

Industries & Applications

John Crane mechanical seals are used in a wide variety of industries and are suitable for many different pump applications. Their Diamond seals are commonly utilized for oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, chemical processing, food and beverage, water and wastewater, and pharmaceutical production.

John Crane Diamond provides the highest-edge mechanical seal technology, with extended product durability and efficient performance. If you are ready to upgrade your seals to John Crane Diamond and want to find the best solution for your specific pump system and application, contact DXP Pacific today.