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Discover the Sludge-Pumping Power of Vogelsang

Vogelsang has been a leading company in the pump industry for over 90 years. They have created many advancements in pumping, maceration, spreading, and biogas technology. Numerous industries use Vogelsang pumps with a special focus on wastewater operations.

About Vogelsang

Vogelsang manufactures dependable products to handle abrasive sludges and solids, such as specialized rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and centrifugal pumps. In addition, they are well known for their grinders, macerators, spreaders, solid matter feeders, and heavy matter protection systems. Vogelsang continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges to improve service to their industrial and municipal customers.

Vogelsang was founded in 1929 as a sawmill by Hugo Vogelsang. Today, it is an owner-managed company still led by today’s generation of the Vogelsang family. They have subsidiaries worldwide, with over 25 manufacturing facilities and customer service bases throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In addition, they service industrialized nations globally and take pride in being an international company.

Product Overview

Visit the Vogelsang website for information and tutorials on their complete product line. At DXP Pacific, pumps are our primary focus, so we want to highlight some of their exceptional pump lines

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang is perhaps best known for its exceptional rotary lobe pumps. These are self-priming pumps with powerful processing capabilities. Helmut Vogelsang was the original inventor of the elastomeric-coated rotary lobe pump design. Vogelsang’s modern lineup of lobe pumps is resistant to foreign matter and abrasive sludges. Additionally, they are easy to handle and simple to integrate into any pumping application.

Rotary lobe pumps were once utilized exclusively in the agricultural sector but are now found in many different wastewater applications. They can be used in sewage plants, water treatment facilities, biogas plants, feeding operations, water cooling, and other specialized applications. Vogelsang offers a variety of rotary lobe pump series to suit your specific pumping needs:

  • VX Series
  • IQ Series
  • GL Series (Gearless)
  • R Series
  • FX Series
  • Wine Pump Series
  • EP Series
  • VY Series

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps from Vogelsang are reliable for everyday use in various industrial, agricultural and municipal applications. These pumps can handle solids particles of relatively large sizes to process sludges or sewage, as well as for pumping liquid manure or mashed organic suspensions. Vogelsang progressive cavity pumps are often incorporated into advanced pump systems with recirculating processes for improved digester agitation and wastewater treatment.

Vogelsang’s CC Series of progressive cavity pumps offers a top-of-the-line processing solution with easy and quick maintenance. Disassembly isn’t required of the discharge or suction-side pipes, and operators can change the quality cartridge mechanical seal without opening the pump. The result is durable and dependable operational pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps

Vogelsang offers the PowerFill centrifugal pump, which fills vacuum tanks up to 30% faster than standard pumps from other manufacturers. In addition, PowerFill pumps are ideal for pumping liquid manure since the manure can be homogenized during the filling procedure. This makes spreading more manageable and precise. Finally, PowerFill pumps can adapt to any vacuum tank configuration and dependably provide complete filling capabilities.

DXP Pacific has been a product partner with Vogelsang for many years. We are an exclusive distributor of their entire line of pumps, macerators, and other specialty equipment for wastewater and agricultural applications. To learn more about Vogelsang and see if their products are the right solution for your operation, contact DXP Pacific today.