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Don’t Settle for Substandard Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are a vital component of rotating equipment like pumps, agitators, compressors, and mixers. When moving parts are involved in fluid processing, a proper mechanical seal will prevent leakage. Improperly sealed machines can also allow outside elements to seep in, potentially damaging equipment or compromising process fluids.

Precise Fit and Function

Rotating equipment features various moving parts that create vibrations, friction, and intense pressure, so it’s critical to choose a mechanical seal that is fitted precisely and engineered for its specific function. If not rated to withstand certain levels of vibration during normal equipment operation of a rotating shaft (or in some cases, a housing rotating around a stationary shaft), major failures are likely.

Quality Construction

The material from which a mechanical seal is made is of vital importance, as its precision engineering. The ideal mechanical seal is a combination of quality material, proper design, and precise fit. Choosing the perfect mechanical seal will maximize the lifespan and productivity of your equipment.

Mechanical Seal Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critical. Mechanical seals wear out with regular operation and fittings become loose over time. It’s important to perform regular checks and replace them as needed. Ensure that everything is mechanically sound and periodically tightened to maintain optimized performance.

Flex-A-Seal Mechanical Seals

Flex-A-Seal is the world’s premier manufacturer of heavy-duty mechanical seals. Flex-A-Seal products are engineered for a wide range of rotating equipment and specific machine applications. They’ve been perfecting the art of mechanical seals for more than 35 years, and we’re thrilled they’re a leading product partner of Cortech DXP. We depend on Flex-A-Seal mechanical seals in our own shops every single day, as do many of our clients.

Flex-A-Seal produces several types of mechanical seals that can be custom-fitted to your rotating equipment:

            • Split-Cartridge Mechanical Seals

            • Single-Cartridge Mechanical Seals

            • Dual-Cartridge Mechanical Seals

            • Welded Metal Bellows

            • Heavy Duty Slurry Mechanical Seals

            • OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals

            • Engineered Component Mechanical Seals

            • Mixer/Agitator Mechanical Seals

            • Gas Mechanical Seals

Built to Last

Install a Flex-A-Seal mechanical seal and you can feel confident you’re getting the best quality and performance available. They use only the highest grade materials, and their innovative seal designs are built to last. Look no further than Flex-A-Seal.

To learn more about Flex-A-Seal and their mechanical seal offerings, contact Cortech DXP today. We’ll help you explore available options and find the seal that’s designed and fitted for your specific mechanical application.