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Handle the Toughest Chemicals with ANSIMAG K-Series Pumps

Handling hazardous chemicals is no easy task. You need a pump that can withstand harsh and corrosive chemicals while offering you dependable long-term performance. Sundyne’s ANSIMAG line of K-Series pumps are designed for just these types of chemical processing challenges.

Sundyne is one of the most recognized names in the pump industry, and for good reason. They are known for top-of-the-line products and innovative engineering. Their ANSIMAG brand takes quality and innovation to whole new levels, especially their incredible K-Series line of chemical pumps.

ANSIMAG K+ Sealless Magnetic Drive ETFE Lined Pump

Today, we’d like to highlight the ANSIMAG K+ Sealless Magnetic Drive ETFE Lined Pump. The name is a mouthful, but this is one powerful pump that is designed specifically for the most demanding chemical processing applications. The sealless magnetic drive configuration eliminates leaks, which is vital when handling hazardous chemicals. And this is only one of the important benefits of this pump.

Advantages of the K+ Pump

This centrifugal end-suction pump is made of durable non-metallic materials and is lined with ethylene tetrafluorethylene (EFTE). This makes the pump corrosion and abrasion resistant, no matter what kinds of chemicals you are processing. It meets ASME/ANSI B 73.3 standards and handles flows up to 675 GPM (153 m3/hr). The ANSIMAG K+ pump provides total dynamic head (TDH) up to 320 feet (97 meters) and withstands temperatures ranging from -20° up to 25°F (-30 to 120°C). For extreme low temperatures, ANSIMAG offers a low system temperature option on their K+ pump that can handle temperatures as low as -120°F (-84°C)!

Another great feature of the ANSIMAG K+ Sealless Magnetic Drive ETFE Lined Pump is that it is designed with standard external dimensions. This means that pumps manufactured by other suppliers are dimensionally interchangeable with these pumps without the need to change piping or baseplates. ANSIMAG K+ pumps are easy to install and simple to maintain with no seals to replace and an ultra-efficient magnetic drive motor.

Is this the Right Chemical Pump for You?

If you want a chemical process pump that is ready to install and will give you the performance, safety and dependability you need, then look no further than the ANSIMAG K+ Sealless Magnetic Drive ETFE Lined Pump.

To learn more about Sundyne ANSIMAG’s K+ pump or their entire K-Series line, contact DXP Pacific today. Let us help you decide if one of these pumps is right for your chemical processing plant or if another option will be more suited to your specific application and budget.