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HANS Premium Water

Cleaner Water for Industrial & Commercial Processing

HANS Premium Water is a leader in industrial and commercial water treatment products and services. With efficient and scalable clean water solutions, HANS is the ultimate source for treating life’s most precious resource.

Making Water Better

About HANS Premium Water

The HANS story is a story of innovation in the face of scarcity. Recognizing the growing demand for reliable, efficient, and effective water filtration devices, we designed solutions targeting severe contamination challenges in disadvantaged communities around the world. Once we had proof that our technologies work in the toughest places, we decided to offer them to domestic customers as well. After all, everyone needs clean water.

HANS Premium Water focuses on providing clean water solutions to a wide variety of industries. From water treatment in food and beverage applications, pharmaceutical production, and controlled environment agriculture; to clean water delivered to manufacturing, processing, and a host of other commercial applications, HANS modules provide cleaner water when and where you need it most.

HANS developed innovative water filtration and treatment devices for modern industrial use. These products are always evolving based on customer feedback and advancing technology.
Modular designs enable you to effectively scale your water filtration system and consistently meet your growing industrial water treatment demands.
HANS water filtration systems are efficient with cost, energy, and time, including automated controls and variable-frequency drive (VFD) motors. Most importantly, they are water efficient, ensuring less water is wasted and more clean water is available.
HANS products are self-contained and compact in design, providing everything you need within each device. They are aesthetically impressive and will not occupy excessive space in your facility.
HANS products are designed to be modular, making them easy to install, maintain, clean, and customize for your specific water treatment application(s).
HANS water filtration products are controlled with cutting-edge software that provides simple system startup and configuration, as well as real-time data monitoring and automated equipment control through the intuitive touchscreen display or mobile app. No other system available offers the same amount of real-time information and accuracy!

HANS Product Overview

HANS Premium Water offers best-in-class clean water solutions for your industrial or commercial application. Learn more about their products in the following categories:

Reverse Osmosis Modules

HANS reverse osmosis systems are designed to reduce wastewater and provide exceptionally high clean water recovery rates They have developed the first and only reverse osmosis system that is third-party certified for removal of contaminants per EPA standards.

HANS Model 2

The Model 2 is more than a standard reverse osmosis module. The Model 2 is an all-in-one treatment system complete with two RO membranes preceded by prefiltration (sediment and carbon) followed by the post-treatment phase that includes a calcite filter that provides mineralization to neutralize pH and provide better taste, all this in one compact unit. The Model 2 provides cleaner water than federal standards require with up to an 85% recovery rate. Reduced wastewater also means lower water and sewer bills. HANS Model 2 RO modules are ideal for many commercial applications.



The Model 2 QUAD is a compact, yet powerful four-membrane reverse osmosis module designed to manage a flow rate of up to 16 GPM per unit and can manage TDS levels of up to 3,000 PPM. This module can produce clean water recovery rates of up to 90% Multiple QUAD modules can be run in a series, or parallel for higher-flow applications, up to one million GPD, or even higher. Pre-treatment is required with this module commonly used in light-to-larger commercial and industrial applications. The redundant modular design also enables you to service one QUAD at a time while the others continue to provide clean water. In multi-unit configurations, the QUAD can deliver up to 95% recovery rates.

Water Treatment Modules

Clean water needs are always changing as your business grows and evolves. HANS offers a Water Treatment Module that can manage all of the variables. Each water treatment system can be customized for your specific water conditions and application with several different treatment (sediment, carbon, iron/arsenic, water softener, calcite, di-ionization) options.

Multiple configurations are available and can be seamlessly integrated with the HANS Model 2, Model 2 QUAD, and/or pump systems. Real-time data can be gathered, and the system can be automated on-site and remotely, just like all HANS modules. HANS customizable Water Treatment Module systems can be adapted to suit a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.


Redundant Pump

When you need a more robust pump system with built-in redundancy, consider a Redundant Pump Module from HANS. These modules feature a multi-stage booster system to reduce downtime when one pump fails. You essentially get two powerful centrifugal pumps in one. If one goes down or is shut down for routine maintenance, the other one automatically takes over with no downtime or reduced output.
Each pump has a control box for enhanced system regulation and extra peace of mind. The two redundant centrifugal pumps are constructed with high-grade materials for durability and extended performance. The HANS Redundant Pump Module is energy-efficient with a VFD motor and features a compact design to save space at your facility.

Industries & Applications

There is always a need for clean water in commercial and industrial applications. HANS provides modular systems designed to be fully customized, adapted, and scaled to meet your ever-evolving requirements for clean water treatment and processing. Here are some of the industries that utilize HANS modules:

“Our mission at HANS is to provide exceptionally clean water. We understand no two water sources are the same, which is why our solutions are customizable and adaptable for any water treatment application. Industrial facilities can conserve water with less wasted water and improve clean water recovery. This leads to more sustainable and efficient operations while preserving the world’s most important resource.”

DXP Pacific Partnership

DXP Pacific is proud to be a product partner and distributor of HANS Premium Water modules and custom system solutions. HANS is the name to know when you need clean water for any industrial or commercial application. To learn more about their products and services, and to get started configuring your ideal HANS water treatment system, contact us today.