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Horizontal Self Primer Pump From Pumpworks Industrial

The necessity to prime processing pumps can take a lot of time and effort or the use of additional equipment to prime your pumps. Pumpworks Industrial has created a self-priming processing pump to meet the customer’s needs. Cortech stands by companies that place their customers’ needs above those of anyone else, which is why we proudly distribute Pumpworks International pumps. Cortech is offering the Horizontal Self Priming Process Pump Model PWA-SP for their customers who are in need of a pump that comes with a priming feature built in to it.
The Model PWA-SP has a single component casing that houses a primer and air removal chamber directly incorporated into the pump. This eliminates the necessity for any sort of external priming device. The bearing system of the pump is manufactured with 316 stainless steel. Its tough construction makes the system corrosive resistant and dramatically increases the life of the bearings. When paired with the flinger disk lubrication device, the life of the bearings increases by 30% over standard construction. Pumpworks Industrial is so confident in the bearing system they have designed that each and every pump’s bearing system is covered by an unconditional five-year warranty.
The pump is expertly designed and manufactured in the USA to meet and exceed all ANSI and ISO standards. Each of the innovative features included on the pump comes standard, even when most other pumps with the same components would be considered fully upgraded. Cortech is ready to ship these pumps to their customers who are in need of a new pump with a self-priming feature. If you would like to learn more about this pump or have any questions, call Cortech today to speak with a pump expert. All customer service representatives are qualified to help you determine the best pump for your application and are happy to help.