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How BJM Submersible Pumps Can Be Used in Mining Industry Applications

No matter what you are mining, your operation faces challenges every day. One of the biggest issues for a mining operation is keeping the site dry. For that, you need a submersible pump to move dirty groundwater out of the site. Managing groundwater is a constant battle for a mining operation. If the wrong submersible pump is used, it can grind an operation to a halt.
BJM Submersible Pumps
BJM Pumps is a leading developer of submersible pumps especially designed for mining applications. Because most of the water pulled out of a mine is full of materials or slurries, the pump has to perform its best in high-head conditions. That’s exactly what you can expect with a BJM submersible pump.
High-Head Requirements
Not all submersible pumps are the same. You need to find the right one for your application and configure it to provide the necessary performance. Certain mining applications have demanding conditions that require a high-head dewatering pump. We’re talking a total dynamic head (TDH) in the range of 150’–350’. A proper high-head pump will help with high static lift and reduce friction loss as the water is pulled from the mine with enough force to bring it to the surface with a continuous flow rate.
Heavy Duty Construction
Another factor to consider when selecting a pump is the construction of the pump itself. You will require something that is built with heavy-duty materials so that it is reliable and durable, even under the toughest mining conditions. Just any old dewatering pump will not do when you have stones, coal dust, abrasive slurries and other damaging materials flowing through the pump. BJM’s high-head dewatering pumps are constructed with heavy-duty materials and also feature a top discharge design that prevents the motor from overheating.
Minimize Your Downtime
When it comes to dewatering pumps, any downtime is a loss of money for your operation. When the pump is not running, you are probably not mining. BJM Pumps are durable and designed to minimize breakdowns. Also, maintenance is simple. If there is ever a problem, BJM offers extremely fast and responsive service to repair the pump, replace it or get you the replacement parts so you can have as little downtime as possible. BJM understands that time is money.
Cortech Support
For more information about BJM high-head dewatering pumps and to find/configure the right one for your particular mining operation, contact Cortech today. We specialize in selling and servicing the best industrial pumps available. Our engineering team will make sure you get the right pump(s) and support to keep your operation running smoothly.