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How Mechanical Seals Can Solve Unique Pump Problems

The use of mechanical seals is not right for every pump application, whether due to materials incompatibility or other factors. But mechanical seals can be extremely useful in some situations. In fact, they can solve a number of unique pump problems faced by operators in a variety of industries. Our team at Cortech Engineering is here to help you solve unique pump problems by utilizing mechanical seals.


Liquid synthetic latex is often used in making glues, gloves, industrial coatings and more. Latex is an emulsion of polymer particles suspended in an aqueous solution. The performance of latex in mechanical seals has had a troubled history, with problems arising due to solidification of the material or issues caused by exposure to extreme friction or heat.


A double-pressurized mechanical seal may be an alternative solution to latex in some applications. The fluid film within such a seal works as a common barrier fluid. Still, a variety of engineering challenges, like performance problems under high heat and pressure, can limit the utility of mechanical seals. Manufacturers have been working to develop new designs to address these problems. For example, the dual-slurry seal reduces thermal distortion and provides a continuous supply of external flush and a dilution of the final product.


Expanders and Turbochargers

Simple seal designs have proven unreliable in wastewater applications that use expander machine units. In this a solution may be a double mechanical seal design with a rotating ring mounted to an adapter. It is press-fit sealed to the shaft or rotor for positive drive. This allows each seal side to handle axial shaft movement of up to 0.008 inch in either direction.


The results of testing in expander machine units have shown predictable results with minimal leakage rates—often zero leakage. Also, the seal wear life is longer and the dual seal arrangement can operate without continuous supply of buffer media, reducing operating costs.


Dry Powder Ribbon Blenders

Sealing is a major challenge when processing dry powders. Any use of wet lubricants can congeal and clog up the powders around the sealing device. Some operators now use siliconized graphite mechanical seals for dry applications. Siliconized graphite does not change in size during the reaction process. It provides better natural lubrication and increased abrasion resistance.

These are just a few examples of how you can adapt different types of mechanical seals to help with unique and demanding pump applications. Every operation is different and requires careful selection and configuration of pumps for best results. Cortech is here to help you with all your pump buying, installation and maintenance needs with customized solutions for your operation. Contact us today for more information.