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Improve Chemical Treatment for Wastewater Applications

Most water sources and freshwater used for boilers and cooling systems require treatment before producing drinking water or other food and beverage products. In addition, wastewater from these processes need treatment before it is discharged into the local sewers or recycled back into other systems.

Which processes and chemicals are best for such extensive treatment? Keep reading to find out.

Chemical Treatment Objectives

A handful of varying chemicals are commonly used for water and wastewater treatment. These chemicals produce different results in the water, including:

            • Water purification

            • Solid particulate dissolving/removal

            • pH adjustment

            • Odor control

            • Foam prevention/removal

            • Sludge removal

            • Bacteria/virus removal

Chemical Metering Processes

Different chemical treatment processes use flocculant and coagulation polymers to remove solid particles or acids, alter pH levels, and remove effluents. Hazardous chemicals, especially when leaked outside of the pump system, present worker safety concerns and environmental issues that could lead to shutdowns or fines. In addition, acids and other chemicals can be corrosive and abrasive for internal pump system components like seals, bearings, impellers, and casings.

Proper pump equipment for chemical treatment applications eliminate these concerns. The systems need careful controlling, monitoring, and maintenance for optimum performance, accurate metering results, and disaster avoidance.

As aforementioned, water and wastewater treatment requires exact chemical dosing and metering at different stages in the treatment process. It is critical to utilize proper pump equipment and control systems to introduce the chemicals accurately. The timing and dose amount are key in water treatment applications.

LiquiFlo Chemical Processing Pumps

At DXP, we work closely with leading chemical metering pump manufacturers. LiquiFlo Chemical Processing Pumps has been a top name in this industry since 1972. They produce a wide range of gear pumps and centrifugal pumps excellent for processing volatile chemicals and providing reliable metering results for various chemical treatment applications—including water and wastewater treatment.

LiquiFlo offers a large selection of corrosion-resistant parts, materials, and multiple sealing options—such as magnetic drives and specialized mechanical seals—to handle difficult chemicals. Whether you are dealing with polymers, solvents, caustics, acids, flocculents, or anything else that might give standard pumps trouble, you can count on a LiquiFlo pump to keep running right.

When you pair a LiquiFlo chemical processing pump with today’s advanced metering control and monitoring equipment, you can achieve accurate and consistent chemical dosing for water and wastewater treatment applications.

How Can We Help?

To learn more about LiquiFlo chemical pumps and metering pumps from other leading manufacturers, contact DXP today. We will help you select the ideal equipment and custom-design a chemical metering system to produce the best possible results for your specific water treatment application. Just let us know how we can help with any of your pump system needs!