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Improving the Performance of Your Motor Drive

Pump technology continues to advance with innovative engineering and the development of specialized equipment to handle specific applications and pump processes. One of the biggest areas where operators can gain efficiency is the pump motor. The motor drive is the heartbeat of any piece of equipment. When it is properly configured, customized, operated and maintained, you can increase production while also seeing significant savings.
Energy Consumption and Operating Costs
Did you know that 96% of the lifetime costs of an electric drive motor are associated with its energy consumption? If you can get a motor to run more efficiently, its operating costs can be significantly reduced. Certain newer pumps and other equipment are designed with more energy-efficient motors already installed. They may cost more upfront, but can save you more in operating costs in the long run.
For example, permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) already meet the International Electrotechnical Commission’s new IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency standard. These motors are excellent at converting electrical energy into mechanical power. They can also maintain a constant speed that’s independent of load. This is a key to why they run so efficiently.
Improving Motor Drive Performance and Efficiency
You may not be ready to buy all new equipment or install new energy-efficient motors. However, there are other ways to improve the performance of your drive motor and increase operational efficiency:

  • Drivetrain Adjustments

A good understanding of how your equipment works may allow you to make customizations to drivetrain components and settings in order to increase the motor’s efficiency for your specific application.

  • Drive Couplings

The coupling forms an important link between the driveshaft and the motor itself. Installing the proper coupling for the motor’s torque specifications and application can improve operating efficiency. You will also want to inspect and maintain the couplings regularly to make sure they are working properly.

  • Monitoring and Automation Systems

A good monitoring system can also help with motor efficiency by giving insights into operating behaviors and potential faults. An automation system can be finely tuned to precisely operate a motor at peak performance levels. Both of these systems can also reduce labor costs and improve equipment longevity.

  • Maintenance

All equipment—and especially motors—requires careful maintenance to keep things running at peak efficiency. If not, you won’t be getting the most out of the equipment and you risk breakdowns that lead to costly downtime and repairs. The better you maintain your pumps and pump motors, the more efficiently they will run over time.
These are just a few things to consider when it comes to improving motor drive efficiency and performance at your operation. To learn more about what equipment, customizations and maintenance services you need to keep your pump motors running their best, contact Cortech today!