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Let Blackmer’s Innovation Work for You

As a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and compressors since 1903, Blackmer products are used worldwide in a vast range of industries and applications. 

Industries & Applications

Blackmer’s primary market segments include liquid, gas, and chemical products. Some of the markets they serve are:

           • Chemical Processing

           • Oil & Gas

           • Biodiesel

           • Trucking & Transportation

           • Paint & Coatings

           • Liquefied Gases

           • Refined Fuels

           • Soaps & Detergents

           • Liquid Terminals

           • Military & Marine

           • Food & Beverage

Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps

Sliding vane (rotary vane) pumps are special centrifugal pump designs that  feature multiple vanes that slide in and out of slots in the pump rotor. As the motor turns the rotor, pump chambers are formed and a smooth transfer of liquid is achieved. Vane pumps are capable of self-adjusting during operation to help minimize wear, optimize energy efficiency and provide consistent performance. Blackmer sliding vane pumps are used in a variety of industrial process applications, including chemical processing, energy production, oil and gas, transport, and military.

Blackmer Positive Displacement Pumps

Blackmer offers numerous different positive displacement pump configurations to handle many different liquids and applications. The company produces the GNX(H), X(H), NP(H), and MLS series of general-duty pumps used to transfer non-corrosive, non-abrasive industrial liquids and petroleum products. Each line of pumps offers specific performance characteristics and construction features to suit your specific pumping needs.

Blackmer Centrifugal Pumps

In addition to their positive displacement pumps, Blackmer manufactures centrifugal pumps. They are designed to handle the most extreme process industry applications. They feature oversized bearings for increased load capacity and extended durability. These centrifugal pumps are reliable and can help maximize production uptime.

Other Blackmer Pumps

The company’s extensive product catalog includes regenerative turbine pumps, screw pumps, and gear pumps. Their pumps provide the safe transfer of liquids and gases, making them adaptable to many different fluid processing applications.

Blackmer Hand Pumps & Parts

When utilizing a Blackmer pump, it is recommended to use certified Blackmer parts for maintenance, repair, and custom configurations. This ensures the best possible long-term performance and warranty coverage.

Blackmer Compressors

Blackmer is also well-known for their reciprocating gas compressors, which are built differently with high-grade materials and attention to detail not found in other manufacturers. These compressors provide a low total cost of ownership and extended gas compressor life. They are easy to maintain, help minimize downtime for repairs and maintenance, and feature high-efficiency valves to move more gas with less energy consumption.

DXP Pacific Product Partnership

DXP Pacific is a proud product partner of Blackmer and their parent company, PSG Dover. Many of our clients depend on Blackmer pumps and compressors for standard and high-difficulty processing applications. To learn more about Blackmer pumps, contact DXP Pacific today. Let our team help you find the right pump for the job!