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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Ansimag offers a dynamic series of sealless magnetic drive pumps. Their innovative non-metallic designs are meant to be simple, effective, affordable and easy to maintain. Their highly reliable line of pumps covers a vast range of sizes. The standard external dimensions allow you to easily replace other sealless and sealed pumps without having to change the piping or baseplates. Users value this level of convenience and simplicity.

Ansimag pumps are designed with a cutting-edge rear casing set-up, which helps reduce your energy costs. The casing generates no eddy currents and eliminates heat generation. Because their pumps are sealless, that means you won’t encounter leaks and emissions. In addition, you don’t have to deal with seal maintenance and problems that can arise when those wear down in most sealed pumps.

Ansimag is a featured legacy brand of Sundyne, which engineers and manufactures centrifugal pumps and compressors ideal for oil and gas processing, as well as petro-chemicals, power generation, engineered water and other general industry applications. Sundyne is a subsidiary of Accudyne Industries, which is a leading global provider of industrial engineering solutions and after-market services and parts. The company generates its business from sales in nearly 150 countries, with its strongest foothold in major markets such as India, Russia, China, Brazil and Southeast Asia.

With Ansimag and Sundyne products, you can count on energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. The pumps are dependable, require minimal maintenance, reduce emissions, enhance safety in the workplace and require less energy to run than many less-efficient pump brands.

Core Values

Ansimag and Sundyne believe in doing business the right way by impressing customers with proven fluid handling solutions while delivering top-notch service. They believe in creating a strong company culture for employees, suppliers and customers, along with a safe work environment. This is a company full of people who care about the world in which they live. They take pride in the quality of their work and bring a passion of excellence to all aspects of manufacturing, sales, product distribution and follow-up service.


Ansimag’s centrifugal sealless magnetic drive pumps meet AMSE, ANSI and ETFE standards. Because the magnetic drive is fully encapsulated, it eliminates the needs for seals and increases the simplicity of use. You won’t have to worry about emissions, leaks or costly damage and replacement of seals that generally get worn out. Ansimag pumps are designed to withstand the most volatile chemicals and aggressive caustic liquids.

Applications include oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, pulp and paper, and water processing for a variety of industries. All wetted parts are made of molded ETFE components. This allows Ansimag pumps to safely handle many corrosives and solvents up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius) without any corrosion.

Ansimag pumps meet all standard design specifications, making them easy to maintain and replace other pump brands with minimal downtime. They utilize only the finest materials for construction in their innovative non-metallic structure.

Beyond just liquids and corrosives, Ansimag pumps have the ability to handle liquids with up to 40%, 1/8-inch diameter solids concentration. Below you’ll find a list of Ansimag’s featured line of sealless magnetic drive pumps:

KMLF Low Flow

The KMLF is designed for low-flow acidic and corrosive applications in the chemical, specialty chemical and steel industries. It is available in a wide range of sizes that utilize standard external dimensions. This way, you can interchange this pump for ones made by other manufacturers without changing the piping or baseplates. The KMLF meets ASME/ANSI B73.3 standards for chemical processing.

K Plus

The K Plus is an ASME/ANSI B73.3 standard centrifugal and end suction pump for chemical processing, thanks to its sealless magnetic drive, non-metallic design. It is ideal for most corrosive and acidic applications. Industries include chemical, steel and specialty chemicals. It is Ansimag’s most flexible and popular series of pumps.


The KV is compliant with ASME/ANSI B73.2 standards. It is a vertical single-stage non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pump that is also sealless. It is well suited when processes require limited space. It can replace other vertical sealed pumps and is best utilized for corrosive/acidic applications in various steel and chemical industries. KF The KF is a larger model series of pumps that can handle up to 1450 GPM and is also utilized in the chemical, specialty chemical and steel industries for various acidic and corrosive applications. It conforms to ASME/ANSI B73.3 standards as a non-metallic centrifugal pump with a magnet drive. It is available in a wide variety of sizes that are dimensionally interchangeable with other standard pump brands.


The KM is designed for use in general industry and chemical processing. It handles corrosive and acidic applications in steel, chemical and specialty chemical industries, generating flows up to 147 GPM. It is made of high-quality non-metallic materials and also has sizes at standard dimensions for easy interchangeability.


The KP handles flows up to 285 GPM and is ideal for most acidic or corrosive transfer services in various chemical and specialty chemical industries. It meets ASME/ANSI standards for general industry use. It is self priming and sealless, with a magnetic drive and non-metallic design. As with all Ansimag pumps, it is dimensionally interchangeable with other pump brands, so you won’t have to change baseplates or piping when installing.


DXP Pacific is proud to be aligned with the non-metallic and energy-efficient line of Ansimag pumps, as well as all Sundyne brands and accessories. We have utilized many of their pumps in our engineering projects across the globe. They are versatile, cost-effective and easy to install and maintain. We love that they are designed in standard sizes, so we can interchange with older brands and models without missing a beat.

Ansimag pumps are designed to exacting standards, which we appreciate. After all, quality is of the utmost importance for everyone on the Cortech team. We feel good about recommending Ansimag and Sundyne products because we use them ourselves and we know how great they are.

If you have questions about Ansimag pumps or want to apply any of their products for your steel, oil and gas, water processing, power generation or specialty chemical applications, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you advice and direction in choosing an Ansimag pump that is right for your industry and specific applications. We want to help you make the right decisions, so call Cortech today and let us put these great pumps to work for you!