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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Basetek’s specialty design of quality polymer castings began in 2001. Since, Basetek has taken the lead in the industry as the premier manufacturer in pump bases, baseplates, mineral cast epoxy granite, polymer concrete baseplates, and more.

In 2012, their 32,000 square foot facility was built and specifically designed to produce their mineral castings. In addition, Basetek offers a premier Zanite Plus polymer concrete material that combines silicon dioxide, ceramic quartz aggregate, and high-strength epoxy resins. Their exclusive design supersedes standard lower grade vinyl and fiberglass, guaranteed by random testing and upheld by the inspection department.

Collectively, Basetek offers more years of casting experience than any other manufacturer in the United States. Their tenure in the industry allows them to consistently provide premium parts at the best price. As a result, they have received various quality performance awards from their customers. In every aspect of business, Basetek prioritizes its dedication to integrity and ethics.

Product Overview

BaseTek designs and manufactures mineral polymer castings utilizing their innovative Zanite® Plus polymer concrete. This material allows them to produce bases for machine tools and support structures that offer quieter operation, no deterioration from cutting fluids, vibration damping, thermal stability, improved machined surfaces, and extended cutting tool life. 

Here are BaseTek’s primary product lines:

Machine Bases 

BaseTek’s polymer concrete casted machine bases provide excellent vibration and noise-reducing qualities. They offer a sturdy and more effective base for high-speed machining cells, CNC knee mills, waterjet cutting machines, turning centers, laser cutting machines and grinders, x-ray and MRI machines, screen printing machines, and milling machines. The bases are solid and durable, with no deterioration from standard machining fluids.

Pump & Rotating Equipment

BaseTek manufactures polymer concrete bases for pumps, rotating equipment, mixers, and other industrial equipment. They’ve intentionally designed their Zanite® Plus to stand up to the most demanding applications without wear or worry of the equipment shifting out of alignment. BaseTek offers the following bases:

  • PoxyBase (Frame Mounted)
  • PoxyBase (Close Coupled)
  • Custom QuickBase (Pick Your Hole Pattern)
  • Complete Custom Bases
  • Mounting Blocks
  • BiD Adjusters
  • Insert Kits
  • Stilt Mounting Kits

GreenShield Foundation System

GreenShield is BaseTek’s patented monolithic foundation system. It combines the equipment mounting surface and traditional concrete pad into one integrated design. The rugged Zanite® Plus construction and specially engineered design provide exceptional vibration damping characteristics, improving the equipment performance and extending the lifespan of pumps or other rotating equipment.

Grout & Repair Kits

BaseTek also offers its unique polymer concrete formula as sealants and cosmetic repair solutions. Here are some of their grouts and repair kits:

  • PoxyGrout
  • PoxyRepair
  • Cosmetic Repair
  • PoxyCove 

Polymer Casting Housekeeping Pads

Polymer Housekeeping Pads are designed as a specialized support structure for any type of equipment, gear, or cabinetry. BaseTek produces standard pads or custom-cast their polymer concrete in just about any shape or size you need. These non-conductive pads are also great for conduits, venting, and piping.

Filled Weldments

BaseTek will fill almost any customer-supplied structures with their durable and corrosion-resistant Zanite® Plus polymer concrete composite material. Rather than having a custom mold created, they fill weldments of varying shapes and sizes—from a few pounds up to thousands of pounds! When added, the polyfill will provide significant vibration and noise damping while enhancing the rigidity of the structure. BaseTek offers an in-house filling service with a quick 2-3 day turnaround for most castings.


At DXP Pacific, we see a steady increase of customers utilizing BaseTek’s Zanite® Plus polymer concrete composite material as a very effective alternative to standard concrete bases for pumps, CNC machines, and other equipment. The reduction of noise and vibration improves the performance of the equipment and extends the lifespan of critical components. In addition, this material doesn’t wear down like other bases can, so it pays for itself over time.

To learn more about BaseTek and see if their casted polymer concrete bases are right for your pump system, contact DXP Pacific today.