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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

BJM Pumps supplies a wide variety of submersible pumps and pump accessories for a many different applications. The company was formed in 1983 and is headquartered in Old Saybrook, CT. Since its humble beginnings, BJM Pumps has continued to grow quickly by supplying quality pumps at a modest price.

BJM Pumps serves a number of different industries with a range of applications. They do this through two separate divisions.

BJM’s submersible pump line caters to municipal, chemical, construction, sewage, mining and process industries. From 1/6th HP to 125 HP, each pump is designed for one or more applications.

When it comes to their electrical motor analyzers, BJM’s products are used throughout the world. Their pumps can be used in many applications for almost any industry or government agency. They have three award-winning instruments ideal for troubleshooting, which helps with your predictive maintenance and increases overall quality control. BJM Pumps has sold over 12,000 ATP testers worldwide!


Some of the BJM Pumps products include slurry pumps, stainless steel pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, shredder pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps, vortex pumps, trash pumps, sludge pumps, submersible dewatering pumps, solids handling pumps, sand pumps, explosion proof pumps, agitator pumps, hydraulic pumps, non-clog pumps, utility pumps and specialty pumps such as 12 Volt pumps and residue pumps (or Mop-Up-Pump).


With a many exceptional dewatering pumps, waste-water pumps and sump pumps available, BJM gives you the perfect solution to efficient waste-water pumping, effluent dewatering, construction site dewatering and more. BJM Pumps provide high standards of performance and exceptional quality at a modest price.

LWA Series

The LWA series of submersible light-weight agitator dewatering pumps is tough! These economical tough pumps are designed to outlast rubber-lined and cast-iron pumps.

KB Series

BJM’s line of heavy duty dewatering and light slurry agitator pumps offer great solutions for dewatering settling basins, retention ponds, wash sumps or any pump job with tough silt, sand or coal fines. The KB Series provides top discharge performance and excellent quality for a very modest investment.

J Series

The perfect solution to effluent waste-water pumping and dewatering. The J Series offers top performance and excellent quality for a very modest investment. Simply a great sump pump!

JH Series

An excellent option for HIGH HEAD effluent waste-water pumping and dewatering. The JH Series is reasonably priced and provides exceptional quality and performance. It is the ideal sump pump for high head applications.

R Series

These bullet pumps (R-Series submersible pumps) are perfectly suited for dewatering construction sites, mines or for all-around use in industrial plants and utilities. They offer a slim-line design, which enables the operator to easily fit them into casings as small as 8″ in diameter. The top-discharge system also provides optimum motor cooling for continuous duty applications.

Baby Series

When space is limited, BJM’s Baby Series pumps are fantastic little utility pumps for areas where conventional line power is not available. They are available in a manual or automatic configuration.


These pumps are made from high quality steel materials and contain heavy duty wear resistant impellers. This makes these submersible pumps designed to tackle the toughest conditions. BJM pumps are ideal for sand, sludge, and slurry removal.

KZE Series

The KZE Series pumps are high-capacity hard-metal submersible slurry pumps with agitators designed to handle many tough applications. The impeller, volute and wear plate are 28% high chrome iron wear parts.

HAZ Series

The HAZ pump is the first permissible slurry pump (MSHA Approved) with an agitator. It is designed to resist abrasive wear that causes loss of pump performance. The HAZ Series is MSHA approved.

KZN Series

These heavy duty submersible agitator pumps are designed to tackle the toughest conditions. The impeller, wear plate and agitator are made of abrasive resistant 28% chrome iron (600 Brinell, 57 Rockwell C). The top discharge design and slim build enable the KZN agitator pumps to fit into tighter and thin spaces.

KZNR Series

BJM/s KZNR HI-HARD pumps have proprietary process hardened ductile iron volutes, cast with extra thick walls positioned at the point where pumped slurry enters the discharge. These heavy duty submersible agitator pumps are designed for the difficult conditions. The impeller, wear plate and agitator are made of abrasive resistant chrome iron. The top discharge and slim design allow the KZNR agitator pumps to fit into tighter and thin spaces.

KZN-HYD Series

This is BJM Pumps’ hydraulic version of the KZN & KZNR Series of agitator pumps. Hydraulically driven KZN & KZNR pumps give you the same superior slurry handling ability as you’ll find with the electric versions. HYD Series has the advantage of operating the pumps at variable speeds. Another benefit is the fact that this pump is intrinsically safe. HYDR – HI-HARD™ pumps have proprietary process hardened ductile iron volutes, which are cast with extra thick walls at the point where pumped slurry enters the discharge.


BJM Pumps’ solids handling pumps last for a long time and offer trouble-free performance. Cutter pumps, grinder pumps, vortex pumps, shredder pumps—BJM Pumps has a pump for your application. Applications include everything from industrial and domestic, to agricultural and municipal.

SKG Series

The SKG Series offers patent pending solids handling technology never before available. RAD-AX™ Dual Shredding Technology features radial and axial shredding for unmatched solids-handling capabilities on difficult or heavy solids, including flushable wipes. Robust construction helps prevent maintenance and reduces your downtime. High torque, 4-pole motor pumps in 2, 3, & 5 HP. The SKG Series is the new top choice for waste-water and industrial applications.

SK Series

BJM’s shredder pumps feature tungsten carbide cutting tip(s) to help shred solids that might clog an ordinary pump. Perfect for sump pits, agricultural and animal waste.

SV Series

The SV Series pumps come with vortex impellers, which are undoubtedly the best non-clog impellers ever invented for the handling of mud, rags, raw sewage, viscous liquids, wood chips & other solids. They are capable of passing solids up to 90% of the outlet diameter.

S Series

BJM’s S Series electric submersible cast iron pumps with single- or double-vane impellers are great for industrial, agricultural and municipal waste-water.


BJM Pumps offers a line of corrosion-resistant pumps, which have all parts exposed to pumped liquids made of 316 stainless steel, Noryl or titanium. They are ideal for pumping everything from contaminated, dirty water to corrosive liquids.

Perfecta Series

These corrosion-resistant sump pumps are ideal for a wide variety of liquids. Pump body made of Noryl. The pump motor shafts are all constructed of titanium, 316 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel. Elastomer choices include Buna-N, FKM and others.

RX Series

All parts exposed to pumped liquids are made of 316 stainless steel. Elastomers are made of FKM. They have a slim-line, top discharge design, enabling the operator to easily fit them into casings as small as 8″. The top discharge also results in maximum motor cooling for continuous duty applications. Applications include environmental remediation and corrosive water dewatering.

JX Series

All parts on these sump pumps exposed to pumped liquids are constructed of 316 stainless steel. The elastomers are made of FKM. They are ideal for effluent dewatering, corrosive sumps, chemical spill & collection sumps.

JXH Series

The perfect solution to HIGH HEAD effluent waste-water pumping. The JXH Series pumps offer top performance and excellent quality for a very modest investment. Great sump pumps for high head applications.

SKX Series

BJM’s shredder pumps (cutter pumps) utilize tungsten carbide cutting tip(s) that are able shred solids that will generally clog an ordinary pump. They are perfect for sewage sumps, sump pits, industrial sumps, agricultural and animal waste. The cast 316 stainless steel construction also makes the BJM shredder pumps ideal for corrosive environments that have solid wastes that requires shredding and cutting.

SX Series

SX-Series electric submersible pumps with single-vane or double-vane impellers which can be used for industrial, municipal and agricultural waste-water. These are ideal solids handling pumps for corrosive environments.


Some sensitive applications require special pumps that can handle liquids up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is where the BJM Fahrenheit Pumps in to play. BJM’s high temperature submersible pumps are available for hot temperature dewatering, sump dewatering, waste-water pumping, solids handling and slurry applications.

BJM Pumps offers high temperature pumps in both stainless steel and cast iron models. Stainless steel options included JXF dewatering pumps, JXHF high head dewatering pumps, SKXF shredder pumps and SXF solids handling pumps.

Cast iron models include JF dewatering pumps, JHF high head dewatering pumps, SKF shredder pumps, SF and SKF solids handling pumps, and SZNF and KZNRF slurry pumps.


BJM Pumps offers several models of explosion-proof pumps designed for use in Class 1, Division 1, and Groups C & D Hazardous Locations. Pump lines include the -KZN Series, XP-SKX Series and XP-SK Series.


BJM Corp’s division ALL-TEST Pro, LLC is a leader in electric motor fault and preventative maintenance. BJM also provides you with a complete selection of accessories and slide rails:

  • Power cable options
  • Floats, starter boxes and controls
  • Non-sparking slide rails
  • 316 stainless steel slide rails
  • Cast iron slide rails
  • Slide rail accessories


DXP Pacific is proud to have BJM as an electric submersible pump and motor tester provider for many projects we have worked on. Their versatile products can be used for many different applications in just about any industry. Their high-quality pumps fit with our own commitment to provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise. Our support staff at DXP Pacific is happy to help you with any questions you may have about BJM Pumps’ products as they might relate to your industrial needs. If there is any way we can help put BJM Pumps products to work for you, we would love to be of service.