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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Chemline Plastics is the premier plastic products manufacturer for fluid-handling applications, producing exceptional products for pump systems, plumbing, irrigation, and more. Their diverse product line includes high-quality plastic valves, regulators, filters, flow meters, piping, tubing, pumps, pipe fittings, manifolds, and pipe welding equipment.

With Chemline Plastics, specialized performance and durability is in reach.

Company History

Chemline Plastics was founded in Toronto in 1968 as the first plastic-based manufacturer in Canada. They initially started by manufacturing plastic valves as an alternative to metal. It was a long-term, cost-effective solution with better wear resistance than metal valves, especially when dealing with harsh and corrosive fluids. Over time, the company expanded its product offerings with many different components to satisfy service markets throughout North America.

Industries & Applications

Municipal and industrial fluid-handling applications use and trust Chemline Plastics—they have an incredible reputation for producing high-quality components at an affordable price, backed by dependable service and support. Here are some of the key market sectors they serve:

            • Chemical Production & Distribution

            • Water & Wastewater Treatment

            • Metal Surface Finishing

            • Landfills

            • Pulp & Paper

            • Water Purification

            • High-Purity Water for Chemicals & Electronics

            • Metallurgical Processing & Mining

            • Environmental Solutions

            • Aquatic Life Support

            • Transportation

Whereas many metal pipes and fittings corrode, rust, and fail over time, Chemline Plastics are a cost-effective alternative using PVC and a wide range of other plastic-based materials in their construction. These plastic-based materials prevent wear and tear, and impurities in water and chemical processing systems that require high levels of purity. These parts are effective, easy to install, and dependable for many challenging applications. However, plastics are not always the best solution for certain operations, so it is important to do research and understand your options based on your process fluid chemistry, temperatures, flow rates, head, and other important factors.

Product Overview

Chemline Plastics offers a wide range of fluid-handling products to back their company motto: “Superior Flow Solutions.” Here is a basic overview of some of their biggest product categories:


Chemline produces different valves and piping connection components to provide precise flow control. Options include ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, foot valves, gate valves, globe valves, lab valves, and valve actuators. These valves are available in various materials and configurations to meet any need.

Controls & Regulation

For the most accurate control of flow rates, you will want to look to Chemline’s highly specialized control valves and regulators. Their most popular products include regulating valves, gauge isolators, pressure regulators, characterized control valves, chemical feed regulators, and filtration components.

Flow Meters

Chemline Plastics also manufactures manual and electronic flow metering equipment. In addition, you can carefully monitor plumbing systems and control fluid flow systems with their Digiflow flow meters or advanced ChemX3 analytical instruments.


Piping made from high-grade PVC and other corrosion-resistant plastics provides excellent performance with long-term durability. Chemline Plastics has you covered with all your plastic piping needs, including single-wall piping, dual containment, specialized plastic pipe welding solutions, flange gaskets, and sediment strainers.

ChemFlare PFA Tubes & Fittings

ChemFlare PFA tubes and fittings offer leak-free performance with no maintenance requirements and minimum dead volume. ChemFlare provides a long service life—a 25-year minimum for the average ultrapure/sodium hypochlorite application. You won’t have to worry about threaded and welded connections, prone to leaks and failures. PDVF threaded tube nuts are hand-assembled and easily installed dry to provide instant system pressurization. These tubing solutions provide high integrity in high-vibration applications and can withstand corrosion and high temperatures.

Fabrication & Pumps

Manifolds, pipe spools, actuation services, and valve stem extensions can be custom fabricated.

DXP Partnership

Some applications benefit significantly from plastic piping, tubing, and flow control components since plastics provide durable performance and longer lifespans. However, it is crucial to understand every facet of your operation and determine if Chemline’s products suit your particular system and application. For help with all your fluid-handling systems, contact DXP today.