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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Previously known as Colfax Fluid Handling Corporation, Circor IMO is known for manufacturing IMO Pumps. Since 1931, IMO Pumps have led the way in multiple-screw pump designs. The company’s innovative thinking and proven quality has enabled them to become one of the world’s foremost leaders in this industry.

Circor’s primary headquarters plant is based in Monroe, North Carolina. This is where all the research and development for IMO Pumps happens, along with the fabrication of the pumps themselves. They also have a manufacturing plant in Columbia, Kentucky for high-pressure gear pumps and positive displacement three-screw pumps.


In 1923, Carl Montelius had a groundbreaking idea for a pump that contained three screws. They would rotate in a certain way so that they would mutually seal. Already a seasoned inventor, Montelius obsessed over the multiple-screw pump concept and continued to refine his design. Ultimately, he partnered with Bengt Ingerstrom, who was a financier. The name “IMO” evolved from a combination of their last names.

The precise design eliminates vibration and noise, even when the pump is under high pressure or running at high speeds. Today with the distribution and service of Circor at the helm, there are millions of IMO Pumps in use all over the world in a variety of different industrial applications.


IMO Pumps are utilized for many different applications, including commercial marine, pulp and paper, crude oil transport, chemical processing, hydraulic elevator, hydrocarbon processing and general industrial machinery.


All Circor and IMO Pumps are manufactured with precise specifications and demanding quality to ensure optimal performance. They are designed to work well and last longer, no matter what applications you are using them for.


When it comes to multiple-screw pumps, three-screw designs are the largest class in use today. The most common applications include powering hydraulic machinery, hydraulic elevators, machinery lubrication, fuel oil transport and burner service. Another major use is in refinery processes. These pumps are ideal for high-temperature viscous products like residual fuel oils, vacuum tower bottoms and asphalt.

In addition, you’ll find Circor and IMO Pumps in use on large commercial and military marine vessels, as well as in many crude oil pipelines. Flow rates on these three-screw pumps range from 1 to 3300 GPM and can operate up to pressures of 4500 PSIG.

Circor and IMO Pumps are available in a number of different sealless configurations such as canned arrangements and magnetic drives. The magnetic drive pump is especially suited for pumping isocyanate. This plastic fluid is notoriously difficult to seal in traditional pumps.

Three-screw pumps last long and are very reliable. They are also very quiet, even when running at high speeds and under high pressure. The design allows for water injection services and high-pressure coolant services when used with machine tools.

3E Series – Differential pressures up to 150 PSIG and flow rates of 100 GPM. Ideal for machinery lubrication, burner services, fuel oil transfer and other industrial applications.

3G Series – Differential pressures up to 250 PSIG and flow rates of 55 GPM. Ideal for machinery lubrication, burner services and distillate fuel oil transfer.

3D Series – General purpose design. Ideal for low-pressure hydraulic applications, hydraulic elevator service, fuel transport and burner service, and lubrication.

6D Series – Medium-pressure pump line. Ideal for crude oil pipeline service, high-pressure trunion lubrication, fuel oil burners and non-cyclic hydraulic applications.

4SFC Series – Fluid power pump intended for medium-pressure pumping.

4VKC Series – Another medium-pressure fluid power pump, available for flange or foot mounting.

USNP/4PIC Series – These pumps include submerged two-pole electric motors and pressurized fluid is supplied to hydraulic elevator cylinders.

12D Series – High pressure pumps ideal for petroleum and similarly viscous fluids. Ideal for gas sealing in centrifugal compressors, fuel atomization in steam boilers, fuel injection for combustion gas turbines, crude oil pipeline service and hydrostatic bearing support.

4U/4T Series – Medium-pressure fluid power pump, available for flange or foot mounting. Ideally suited for cyclic pressure service.

6U/6T Series – High-pressure fluid power pump, available for flange or foot mounting. Ideally suited for cyclic pressure service.

12L Series – High-pressure pump. Ideal for fluid power, hydrostatic bearing applications and compressor gas sealing.

413IC Series – This pump is best utilized in deep well-submerged settings. Ideal for unloading barges, tanks or small tankers.

Emtec Series – Specifically designed for high-pressure machine tool coolant service.

Tritec Series – Specifically designed to handle liquids without any lubricating properties and liquids that are corrosive or abrasive. Ideal for desalinated water, deionized water, sea water, acidic liquids, waste oils and solvents, naphtha, emulsions, caustic solutions, boiler feedwater and residual oils.

C324 Series – Double-suction pump for higher flow rates in a compact design. Ideal for fuel oil transfer, machinery lubrication and burner services.

T324 Series – Double-suction pump for medium flow rates and medium pressures. Ideal for crude oil processing and transport.

323F Series – Double-suction pump with the highest flow rates of any screw pump manufactured by IMO. Ideal for loading and unloading terminals, power plants, tank farm services and asphalt processing.


In addition to their multiple screw pumps, Circor and IMO Pumps manufacture exceptional gear pumps. These crescent internal gear (CIG) pumps are utilized in fluid power applications and aircraft fuel test stands.

These gear pumps can operate in multiple stages, which enables them to work under moderate or high pressures with low-viscosity fuels. They are also available in double-pump configurations. This allows for two independent flows with a common inlet port.

Circor and IMO gear pumps can be found in 54 different models with more than 1300 different combinations. Flow rates range from 1 to 125 GPM and pressure ratings are continuous at 5000 PSIG.


IMO Pumps are utilized in many Navy and marine applications, such as fuel oil stripping, boosting, transfer and burning. They are manufactured to be compliant with all marine operating standards and military specifications. They provide low noise and vibration and are highly reliable. Other applications include machinery lubrication, hydraulic steering and deck machinery.


At Cortech, we have been working with Circor and IMO Pumps for many years. They have been utilized in many of our engineering projects and we are always happy to recommend these high-quality pumps to our clients. The innovative three-screw pump designs are so effective in so many different applications. We appreciate the attention to detail and quality of these pumps because these are values that are important to everyone at Cortech. We stand behind the products we recommend.

If you want to learn more about Circor or IMO Pumps, contact your Cortech representative. We can answer any questions you have and give you the information you need to choose the right IMO Pump for your specific industrial applications. We can help put these exceptional pumps to work for you and your business.