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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Floway Pumps are built with over 75 years’ worth of experience behind them. The innovative designs and quality construction are what make them some of the most effective pumps on the market. Floway specializes in vertical turbine pumps that can be utilized for a variety of applications.

At the same time, one of the reasons Floway Pumps are built with such high standards of quality is the fact that they are all manufactured under one roof. Each Floway Pump is designed and constructed in their state-of-the-art facility located in Fresno, CA. These pumps are American made and built to last.

Design engineers utilize a range of high-tech resources to produce Floway Pumps. Such methods include in-house hydraulic design, 3D solid modeling, stress and deflection analysis, low vibration design, lateral and torsional rotor dynamic analysis, computation fluid dynamics (CFD), and structural natural frequency analysis (FEA).


Floway produces vertical turbine pumps for hydrocarbon, water, mining and slurries. Their powerful pumps are used extensively in the mining and minerals processing industry. Hydrocarbon, oil, gas and petrochemical businesses also know the excellent benefits of having Floway Pumps in use throughout the operation.

Mining & Minerals Processing

Floway Pumps are known for being reliable and standing the test of time, which make them ideal for mining and minerals processing operations. The designers at Floway understand that vertical turbine pumps are often the heart of any mining operation. If the pump isn’t working properly, the whole system is thrown off and productivity is halted. That’s why they build their pumps with such attention to detail and quality, making sure they stand up to the toughest mining applications with minimal maintenance.

Mining Pump Applications:

  • Water Supply – Supplying mines with primary water source
  • Dewatering Pumps – Sump pumps or can/booster design
  • Process Pumps – Moving solutions through the mining processes
  • Tailings Pumps – Post-processed material pumped into treatment facility for recycling
  • Reclaim Water Pumps – Sump pump design
  • RO Treatment Pumps – Reverse osmosis water treatment
  • Seepage Water Pumps – Can/booster design or sump pump
  • Overflow Water Pumps – Sump pump design
  • Barge-Mounted Pumps – Used for dewatering or water supply

Gas & Oil Industry

Floway Pumps can serve a variety of needs in the processing of oil, gas, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons. Their products are specifically engineered to stand up to these specialized fluids and slurries.

Oil & Gas Applications:

  • Terminal/transfer
  • Pipeline/pipeline border
  • Vertical process
  • Offshore platforms
  • Cooling water
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Light hydrocation, high-vapor pressure
  • Refinery service
  • LPG transfer
  • Cryogenic liquid
  • Secondary recovery
  • Fire pumps


Floway Pumps are designed with exacting specifications and constructed of the highest-quality materials. They are built to be dependable and long-lasting, while requiring minimal maintenance. With Floway’s exceptional vertical turbine pumps on your site, you can expect great performance.

Floway Vertical Hydrocarbon Pump

For the API industry, the vertical pump design includes great versatility. Floway’s Vertical Hydrocation Pumps are designed with low NPSHR impellers, which enables them to meet the demanding NPSHA requirements.

These pumps are compliant with the API 620 current edition. They produce high pressures, low NPSH and excellent efficiency despite running at lower operating costs. The multi-stage design allows for pressure and flow variations. A broad flow range is achieved because of great hydraulic stability and a unique pump bowl assembly. The impellers are thrust-balanced to reduce pump axial thrust and to calibrate for a desired thrust bearing.

Floway Vertical Water Pump

Floway’s Vertical Water Pumps are expertly designed and constructed for maximum performance. The designs feature low vibration as a result of their engineering expertise.

The low NPSHR first stage impellers can be semi-open or completely closed and the construction can either be colleted or double-keyed based on your specific needs. The pump’s life span is extended because of significant vibration reductions. This leads to less wear, which means fewer repairs and much less downtime. The impellers are thrust balanced in order to reduce the downthrust on the motor bearings.

These pumps are made of specialized materials like bronze and stainless steel, and they are available with many variable options. The column pipe can be flanged or threaded. The shafting can be lubricated via water flush or oil. The lineshaft couplings can be threaded or keyed.

Floway Vertical Mining Pump

Floway Vertical Mining Pumps are available in a choice of corrosion and wear resistant materials, and they offer the industry’s lowest vibration. These are some of the reasons why they are known to be longer lasting, versatile and durable.

These pumps are constructed using a Precision Manufactured Low Vibration (PMLV) program to achieve such low vibration levels. The materials have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. NPSHA standards for shorter pumps and barrels are met thanks to the low NPSHR first-stage impellers. The rotor loading is reduced by radial hydraulic forces that are equalized by the multi-vane bowl diffuser. This means the sleeve bearing live is excellent. A wide range of hydraulic stability is achieved with a low energy per stage bowl assembly.

The vertically suspended turbine is available as multi-stage or close-coupled single depending on your needs.

Floway Vertical Turbine Slurry Pump (VTSP)

If you want to reduce wear and maximize operating life, the Floway Vertical Turbine Slurry Pump is an excellent option. It can handle solids up to 10% (by weight). At the same time, it provides exceptional abrasion resistance compared to competing vertical turbine pumps.

These pumps can be utilized for a variety of applications such as thickener overflow, seepage, overflow water, reclaim water, mine dewatering, barge mounting, barrel mounting, waste water feed, tailings, process water supply and water supply from natural sources like lakes, rivers and creeks.

If you would like to learn more about Floway Pumps, contact DXP Pacific today.