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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Gardner Denver has designed and manufactured superior industrial compressors, loading arms, fuel systems, pumps, and blowers since 1859. Their global presence has made them a leader in the industry and has enabled them to sell their highly innovative and engineered products worldwide for many industries, including automotive, oil and gas, general, marine, and chemical.  They pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service by listening to their customers’ needs and solving them with high-value and long-term solutions.

The core of their business is their line of pumps. They are constantly striving to improve all of their products, and it is easy for them to feed their obsession for doing so as they develop close connections and relationships with our customers. They understand that their pumps need to be on the cutting edge of design while still providing unrivaled quality and reliability in order for their customers to take pride in their pumps. Their customers need pumps that will improve their applications. They make this happen by providing pumps that last longer than their competitors and offer both well-servicing and drilling pumps–something that is unique to Gardner Denver. Their products are American-made and put through rigorous testing to ensure their reliability.  They are lighter, smaller, and more powerful than your average pump, yet they still provide you with the lowest cost of ownership and highest productivity. Their pumps are sure to withstand the test of time.

Their commitment to excellence carries over to our unmatched customer service. This gives even more added value to their pumps and other products. They are here to help when you need repairs, and their testing and manufacturing facilities are strategically placed in Quincy, Illinois; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Altoona, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas; and Odessa, Texas. In addition to repairing your pump should you need it, they also have a CORE Exchange program that allows you to have a second pump onsite and ready to go if you ever need a replacement.