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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

INOXPA specializes in pumps, mixers and processing systems for sanitary applications. Many of their stainless steel pumps can be found in use throughout the food and beverage, dairy, brewery, cosmetics and chemical processing industries. INOXPA is the name to know when you are looking for a reliable hygienic pump.


INOXPA was founded in Spain back in 1972 by its original parent company Bombas Félez, a manufacturer of water pumps. Since then, they have expanded internationally with branches all over the world, including one in Santa Rosa, California. Throughout the company’s history, INOXPA has continued to push the boundaries of pump innovation.

As INOXPA evolved, they perfected the art of engineering stainless steel pumps ideal for hygienic applications. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers and refining their engineering standards to produce some of the best sanitary pumps on the market year after year.

Mission and Strategy

INOXPA considers itself both a local and international company at the same time. They are invested in local markets, but backed by global resources and recognition to offer the best of both worlds. INOXPA is driven by its “two-i” policy built on innovation and internationalization. This means constantly reinventing themselves and pushing themselves to grow and evolve as a pump manufacturer and pump services provider. They observe market demands and anticipate solutions with careful research and development.

Product Overview


INOXPA offers a varied line of hygienic stainless steel pumps for industries with strict sanitary requirements. Their lineup includes cutting-edge positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and side channel pumps to handle a wide variety of applications in industries such as food, beverage and chemical handling.


With an exceptional series of mixers, agitators and blenders, INOXPA is also very well known for its innovation in mixing engineering. Their reliable mixing equipment is designed for proven performance and durability, no matter what kinds of materials you are processing.


INOXPA produces intricate processing systems and custom-engineered pump and mixing solutions. These hygienic machine systems can be utilized for many different applications, products and materials.

DXP Pacific Partnership

At DXP Pacific, we deal with many clients in the food and beverage, chemical processing and pharmaceutical sectors. They must operate under strict sanitary standards, and they need pumps, mixers and processing systems that can handle the unique materials they are processing while maintaining the highest possible levels of hygienic operation. INOXPA offers so many different hygienic pump products that can streamline your plant and give you peace of mind with cost-efficient operation and dependable hygienic performance. Contact us today to learn more about INOXPA and their product lines.