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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Product Overview

LSM introduced the first hose pump to its product lineup in 1993. Since then, they have become one of the world’s leaders in peristaltic hose pump design and engineering. LSM is constantly innovating and refining its pumps to enhance performance and meet the growing demands of customers. Each peristaltic hose pump is manufactured in their Denmark facility and shipped worldwide. 

LSM produces hose pumps in various sizes and designs for different pumping applications , their LSM-200 being the largest ever made. Their peristaltic hose pumps are found in many numerous industries, including sewage/wastewater, agriculture, fishing, biogas, food, and beverage.

Here are LSM’s primary product lines:

Polyurethane Hose Pumps

LSM’s smallest hose pumps are suitable for dispensing chemicals and process management in smaller quantities. They feature pump cases constructed with polyurethane (with a steel impeller), making them a top-rated option for food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications. LSM polyurethane hose pumps are available in two sizes:

  • LSM-10 Hose Pump
  • LSM-15 Hose Pump

Powder-Coated Steel Hose Pumps

Most LSM peristaltic hose pumps are made of steel and powder coated black, but customized coatings coatings and hose materials for use in harsh environments or handling challenging fluids are available. LSM pumps are ideal for pumping thicker fluids like sludge, food, concrete, acids, and glue. The adjustable design allows the pump to achieve optimal levels of compression, friction, lubrication, and power consumption.

Another critical advantage of LSM pumps is that they offer larger pump cases than standard pumps. This means the hose is longer and better equipped to perform more per revolution. Because of this, LSM pumps achieve the same pumping volume as competitor’s pumps while running at lower speeds. In turn, the hear and hose lifespan is increased. LSM steel pumps are available in several sizes and specialized configurations:

  • LSM-25 Hose Pump
  • LSM-32 Hose Pump
  • LSM-40 Hose Pump
  • LSM-50 Hose Pump
  • LSM-65 Hose Pump
  • LSM-80 Hose Pump
  • LSM-100 Hose Pump
  • LSM-125 Hose Pump
  • LSM-150 Hose Pump
  • LSM-200 Hose Pump (the largest hose pump ever produced)

Stainless Steel Hose Pumps

Several LSM standard peristaltic hose pump models can be manufactured with stainless steel cases and components upon request. When dealing with harsh chemicals or corrosive fluids, this can be a worthwhile upgrade to consider. The following LSM pumps offer stainless steel construction:

  • LSM-25 SS Hose Pump
  • LSM-32 SS Hose Pump
  • LSM-40 SS Hose Pump
  • LSM-50 SS Hose Pump
  • LSM-65 SS Hose Pump
  • LSM-80 SS Hose Pump

Additional Parts and Configurations

LSM’s in-house pump and parts production offer modifications and customizations that many other manufacturers cannot. They supply spare parts for standard pump lines and provide heavy-duty versions of certain pumps for extreme applications. Other LSM extras and accessories include:

  • Vacuum Systems
  • Pulsation Damper
  • Fully Customized Products


DXP Pacific is a proud product partner with LSM. Our clients depend on LSM hose pumps for a variety of specialty processing and fluid transfer applications because of their reliability and durability. In addition, LSM’s commitment to service and quality makes them easy to deal with for customizations, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

To learn more about peristaltic hose pumps from LSM, contact DXP Pacific today and find the best pump for your application.