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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

The history of Milton Roy dates back to 1936, when Milton Roy Sheen and his son, Robert T. Sheen, formed a partnership to manufacture and sell controlled volume pumps. The first pumps were designed to satisfy a chemical feed requirement discovered by Robert, and they were assembled in the basement of Milton Roy’s home. It was there he created the initial patters for castings.

The pumps proved so successful for various chemical applications that the Sheens soon devoted all their time to this fast-growing enterprise. Since its humble beginnings, Milton Roy has evolved and grown immensely over the years. By 1964, the company had diversified into the biomedical field and was instrumental in the development of the first artificial kidney machine. Milton Roy worked closely with a team of physicians and scientists to deliver one of the first single-patient dialysis systems.

Other Milton medical breakthroughs include the manufacturing of early contact lenses and the first air-fluidized bed specifically designed for burn patients. Milton Roy continued to expand into new industries with an innovative approach and a steadfast commitment to quality. These values continue to drive the company today.

Focused on Quality

Milton Roy believes the key to success is striving for flawless execution in everything they do. This focus on quality is vital.

Milton Roy cultivates continuous improvement and rewards measurable results. As a company and as individuals within the organization, they take responsibility for the quality of everything Milton Roy represents. They share best practices and solve problems for internal and external customers. They also recognize that their suppliers are always an integral part of the value chain that produces and delivers excellence.


Today, Milton Roy is an Accudyne Industries brand. Accudyne is a leading global provider of precision-engineered products and they have a strong 75-year history of their own. Accudyne has 18 manufacturing facilities worldwide and a world-class portfolio of top brands to support Milton Roy including Butech, Dosatron, Hartell, Haskel, Link, LMI, PPI, SOLAROY Solar Pumps, Williams and YZ Systems.


Milton Roy is the world’s largest manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps that set the industry standard for performance, accuracy and durability. Milton Roy concentrates its scientific, engineering and production resources on the development and manufacture of equipment that accurately controls fluids ranging from water to high-viscosity polymers, corrosive or abrasive chemicals, toxic substances and other difficult-to-pump media.

In addition to a wide range of pumps, Milton Roy also provides pulsation dampeners, streaming current detectors, tanks and chemical feed systems.


The metering pump is a positive displacement chemical dosing device with the ability to vary capacity manually or automatically as process conditions require. It features a high level of repetitive accuracy and is capable of pumping a wide range of chemicals including acids, bases, corrosive or viscous liquids and slurries.

The pumping action is developed by a reciprocating piston, which is either in direct contact with the process fluid or is shielded from the fluid by a diaphragm. Diaphragms are actuated by hydraulic fluid between the piston and the diaphragm.

Metering pumps are generally used in applications where one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Low flow rates in mL/hr or GPH are required
  • High system pressure exists
  • High accuracy feed rate is demanded
  • Dosing is controlled by computer, microprocessor, DCS, PLC or flow proportioning
  • Corrosive, hazardous or high-temperature fluids are handled
  • Viscous fluids or slurries need to be pumped.

SOLAROY Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps

SOLAROY pumps are designed with innovative features that provide ultimate solar-powered performance. Compact and economical, SOLAROY solar-powered pumps are driven by solar energy and built to work in the harshest environments and the most remote locations. Additionally, SOLAROY Solar-Powered pumps are designed to last. These “set it and forget it” pumps work continuously, reducing shutdowns and lost production.

mROY Series Metering Pumps

The mROY Series sets the metering pump standard for durability and performance in a compact and cost-effective design. First introduced in 1962, the mROY has proven itself to be a 24/7 metering pump with installation life expectancy of 20 years or more. Various models and frame sizes provide capacities from 0.21 GPH (0.8 l/hr) up to 170 GPH (644 l/hr). There are models that can generate up to 3,000 psi (207 bar) but still provide economical performance at low pressures.

The mROY is used in a wide variety of applications including water and wastewater treatment, boiler chemical feed, oil and gas additives, process chemical injection, pH control chemicals, and many others. A wide range of options assure that the mROY will meet all the application requirements within its range.

PRIMEROYAL Series Metering Pumps

Milton Roy’s PRIMEROYAL series pumps combine robust, field-proven technology, flexible design, and the capability to accurately dose a broad spectrum of chemicals, making these pumps suitable for a large number of industrial processes.

These pumps feature a variable eccentric drive with a no-lost-motion design. This drive enables precise control of the pump delivery rate while meeting or exceeding industry standards for steady-state accuracy and repeatability.

PRIMEROYAL pumps achieve reliable performance within a minimal footprint. With five frame sizes with wide flow rate and pressure ranges and a selection of liquid-end configurations and options, PRIMEROYAL pumps can be precisely configured for your applications.

Milton Roy’s new PRIMEROYAL X Series pump extends capabilities in even the most challenging environments at 20K PSIG. This latest addition to the PRIMEROYAL series of pumps pushes the boundaries for greater flow and higher pressures in a wide range of oil and gas applications. The PRIMEROYAL X helps to prevent hydrate formation, wax and scale deposits, and corrosion to manage production effectively.

POWEROYAL API674 Positive-Displacement Reciprocating Pump

The POWEROYAL positive-displacement reciprocating pump provides outstanding performance in demanding conditions. Ideal for high-pressure/high-volume applications, the pump has been designed for maximum performance in minimal space.

This pump features specially designed liquid ends that assure head integrity, seals that minimize unwanted leaking, and a lubrication system that reduces wear and extends equipment life. They are available in several models to handle a wide range of pressure and flow rate combinations, the POWEROYAL pump is ready to take on the toughest conditions.

MLROYAL Series Metering Pumps

The MILROYAL has been widely recognized as the most reliable and robust industrial duty metering pump since its introduction in 1962. MILROYAL is depended upon in critical processes in oil and gas, chemical and hydrocarbon processes, water and waste treatment, and in just about every imaginable industry where chemical injection is required.

The MILROYAL design is modular, which allows it to accept a variety of liquid ends and other options that perfectly tune it to process requirements. There are three different frame sizes to provide precision over a wide range of capacities and pressures. Multiplex configurations of the same frame or a mixture of frames create even greater application flexibility.

MAXROY Series Metering Pumps

MAXROY is a rugged, industrial grade series of metering pumps designed for applications up to 232 GPH (732 l/hr) at pressures up to 150 psi (10 bar). Its cast iron housing with chemical resistant powder coating enables the MAXROY to be used in the harshest environments. The MAXROY® handles a wide range of applications including acids, caustics, slurries, viscous materials, and many other process chemicals. Industry installations include water and waste treatment, power, paper, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, chemical processing, and a number of other industries.

MACROY Series Metering Pumps

The MACROY Series Metering Pump is designed for outstanding reliability and value for applications up to 175 psi (12 bar). Water treatment chemicals, process additives, acids, out-gassing fluids, slurries, and many more applications are all handled with ease by this robust metering pump design. The drive incorporates a variable eccentric design, which ensures smooth output and reduces system shock. The mechanically actuated diaphragm reduces the possibility of hydraulic oil contamination of process liquid, which makes this an ideal pump for water treatment applications. DC variable speed drives are available for external control and automation.

CENTRAC Electronic Variable Speed Metering Pump

This pump is specifically engineered to operate with design accuracy over a 100:1 turndown ratio. This allows the CENTRAC Series to operate accurately and efficiently between 1% and 100% of rated capacity.

The unique drive system provides a steady state accuracy of +/- 0.5% over the entire turndown range. This is twice the accuracy of the standard +/- 1% of most metering pumps. Greater accuracy means better control of the treatment process and more efficient chemical usage.

This advanced series of metering pump provides significant operating benefits to water and wastewater treatment facilities. Compared to other metering pumps, CENTRAC provides 10 times the turndown ratio, twice the accuracy, and far greater responsiveness.


Milton Roy Mixing combines the knowledge of chemical processes and a culture of safety to provide the right product for the right application. We ensure quality and reliability through every stage in the process: from selection, design and planning to testing, installation and maintenance. Our highly trained, experienced global team is ready to take on your mixing challenge.

The Milton Roy Mixing SIDE ENTRY MIXER mounts quickly and easily on the tank flange to deliver the most effective mixing results in an extremely energy efficient unit. The small diameter of SABRE impeller allows for direct insertion into the tank for easy installation.

Main Applications:
•    BS&W Control in Crude and Condensates
•    Blending
•    Homogeneity
•    Temperature Uniformity
•    Crude Finishing

•    Crude Oil
•    Refined by-products:
o    Gasoline
o    Fuel oil
o    Diesel
o    Kerosene
•    Bitumen and naphthalene
•    Bioethanol, biodiesel and condensate
•    Lubricant, oil and solvents
•    Effluent / water


Milton Roy is the global leader in Streaming Current technology. The Streaming Current Detector (SCD) allows continuous monitoring and control, thereby providing:

  • Consistent water quality
  • Uniform chemical dosing under varying conditions
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Reduced manual supervision and or automatic operation of the treatment process.

Additionally Milton Roy provides specialized control units for metering pumps based on the needs of your process.


Milton Roy offers a complete line of accessories designed to make even the most demanding dosing processes work smoothly. Pressure relief valves, back pressure valve, pulsation dampeners and calibration columns are just a few of the items available to meet the needs of your process.


DXP Pacific is proud to have Milton Roy as a product provider for many projects we have worked on in a number of different industries and applications all around the world. Their quality metering pumps, mixers, controllers and accessories have really made a difference for many of our valued customers. Our support staff at DXP Pacific is happy to help you with any questions you may have about Milton Roy’s products as they might relate to your pumping needs.

If there is any way we can help put Milton Roy products to work for you, we would love to be of service.