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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Engineer André Petit founded Mouvex in 1906 when he was inspired to develop the eccentric movement principle. His son, Albert, and his other successors all followed in his footsteps. Albert took over Mouvex in 1938 and was in charge until it was taken over by Blackmer in 1998. Blackmer was able to take the highly successful company Mouvex had become in the French marketplace and turn it into a thriving global organization.

Mouvex expanded its business and developed new technologies like rotary vane and screw compressors and peristaltic hose pumps, allowing it to become a prominent distributor of products in their industry. In addition to the success of its products, Mouvex owed much of its reputation and success to its highly competent and experienced employees. They focused on living out Mouvex’s closely held values of integrity, commitment, security, honesty, pride, trust, and a sense of urgency. All of these values can be seen mirrored in Cortech’s respectable business as well.

Today, Mouvex has operations on five continents and is continually developing new and innovative products to carry on the success it has already attained. Working under DXp Cortech’s competitive, service oriented, and dependable business model ensures that this happens. By focusing on customer satisfaction and consistently delivering a superior product, Mouvex pumps will continue to be a premier brand within the industry.

DXP Pacific has been distributing quality pumps and process equipment to Central California, Southern California, and Southern Nevada since 1987 while providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable support for their products.