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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

MWI Corporation was founded in 1926 as extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach.  Two years after MWI began, the hurricane of 1928 made landfall in Florida, and over 2,500 lives were lost. Subsequently, the U.S. government constructed one of the most extensive flood control systems in the world utilizing thousands of MWI pumps as an integral part of this vast water control network.

MWI quickly became widely accepted and successful in the manufacturing and marketing of propeller pumps for high capacity, low head applications by utilizing the best designs and highly skilled employees. At that time, their pump line had shaft-driven arrangements that requiring the transmission shafting to be carefully aligned, critical drive arrangements, and large pumphouse floor areas to accommodate driver and transmission center distances.

In 1966, MWI wanted to design and develop a new type of high capacity pumping unit that was more compact, had shorter pump shaft lengths, a positive pressure lubrication system, portability, and able to eliminate drive systems that require critical alignment and large floor spaces.  After considerable research and experimentation, a hydraulic system was used and the new pump was named the Hydraflo™.

MWI then expanded its technology to also include higher head, mixed flow and centrifugal pumps, and mobile pumps.

In 1983, MWI purchased the Grant, Florida division of the Allis-Chambers Corporation, formerly known as the Couch Pump Company.  Over 8,000 Couch pumps are still in use today.

In 1989, MWI began manufacturing Ruwatsan I and II hand pumps, in addition to heavy-duty well drilling rigs and related equipment.  MWI introduced the SolarPedalflo, a pump that is a complete village water supply system for rural areas and can continually deliver treated potable water to any location in a rural village. It is solar powered and, if needed, pedaling can operate it. SolarPedalflo’s benefits are numerous, but, primarily, it improves the quality of life in the villages where it is installed.

Today, MWI is at the forefront of pump technology. Its custom designed pump systems are used in over 50 countries. DXP Pacific is proud to offer MWI pumps as part of our pump line up.