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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

NOV (National Oilwell Varco) dates back over 150 years, with products and services focused on the oil and gas industry. From fossil fuel recovery and processing to sustainable energy production, NOV covers a wide gamut of innovative solutions for various industrial applications.

Company History

The origins of NOV can be traced back to 1862 with the founding of Oilwell Supply, an oil pump and derricks manufacturer and distributor. National Supply was a similar company created in 1893. Over time, mergers and acquisitions brought these two companies together alongside other successful brands like Varco. In 2005, National Oilwell Varco was formed and later simplified to NOV.

This complex history shows NOVs product and service offerings diversity, providing mass-manufactured equipment, custom fabrication, system design, and more. NOV is one of the premier names in the oil and gas industry, serving drilling and processing operations offshore and inland.

Industries & Applications

NOV’s reach expands well beyond just the oil and gas industry with a massive family of nearly 40 brands serving many different industries and applications:

            • Artificial Lift

            • Biogas Solutions

            • Carbon Capture

            • Drilling

            • Energy Production

            • Geothermal Solutions

            • Hydrogen Solutions

            • Midstream

            • Offshore

            • Renewable Energy

            • Saltwater Disposal

            • Wells

            • And More!

Product Overview

Below are some of the product categories represented by NOV and their vast brand family that relate to pump system services for DXP’s oil and gas industry clients and many other industries we serve.


NOV manufactures a line of reciprocating pumps that provide continuous and intermittent-duty operation in low-to-high pressure applications. Pumps from their brand manufacturers’ lineage, including National, Oilwell, Wheatley, GASO, Bear, and MSW, offer a proven reputation for quality and handling even the most challenging applications. NOV offers lightweight designs with smaller footprints or robust engineering for demanding applications. Mines, recycling plants, boiler systems, oil pipelines, and drilling operations use and love NOV products.

Flexible Pipe Products

NOV produces several different flexible pipe products for fluid transfer optimization in both shallow and deepwater applications. High-performance technology drives the design of these advanced piping solutions.


NOV has high-quality hydraulic, pneumatic, and LEO (linear electric operator) actuator options available for specific industrial applications.

Shutdown Valves

Shutdown valves are critical to safety in oil, gas, mining, and drilling operations. Many of NOV’s valve designs utilize the Axelson surface for optimized safety, offering hydraulic and pneumatic power controls to efficiently open and close the shutdown valves.

Portable Power

NOV provides portable generators, temperature control equipment, and other advanced energy solutions to keep your rig running no matter the environmental conditions. Whether offshore or onshore, they have all the equipment you need to run a successful operation.

Monitoring Systems

When it comes to system monitoring and controls, NOV has exactly what you need to track and monitor system performance while making control adjustments in real time. This is the best way to optimize your system for energy efficiency, performance, and durability.

DXP Partnership

DXP Pacific is a long-time partner of NOV and their brand partners, such as Wheatley and GASO. They offer incredible products and service solutions for our oil and gas industry clients and several different industrial and municipal applications. If you would like to learn more about NOV, any of their brands, and what they can do for you, contact DXP Pacific today.