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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Established in 1984, Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc. strives to support owners and engineers by providing technologically advanced and improved odor control and air pollution control equipment. Their specialty line of FRP products treats odorous compounds in air-streams.

For decades, Perry has designed and manufactured FRP ductwork, dampers, piping, stacks, and other FRP components. They stand apart by providing quality engineered products, always focusing on quality and excellent customer service. In addition, Perry offers a complete turn-key system.

Perry Fiberglass headquarters is located in Rockledge, Florida; has manufacturers in Elyria, Ohio; and provides installations across North America.

Product Overview

Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc. specializes in equipment designed for the treatment and elimination of odorous compounds in air streams. They develop, design, and manufacturer products with their unique fiberglass material. They stand apart from other odor control companies by providing a complete turn-key system. From tanks and piping to filters, fans, and chemical scrubbers, Perry excels at reducing industrial odors and eliminating air pollution concerns for users.

Here are Perry’s primary product lines:

FRP Ductwork

Perry manufactures duct products with their specially manufactured fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). This material is durable, versatile and offers numerous advantages over traditional ducting materials such as galvanized, stainless steel, and PVC-coated metals. 

Carbon Absorbers

Perry’s carbon absorbers effectively remove sulfur compounds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and noxious odors from process exhaust systems. In addition, their FRP material offers superior corrosion resistance while their carbon absorbers are precisely engineered to specific compounds.

Chemical Scrubbers

Another part of their product line is a variety of chemical scrubbing systems in numerous configurations. These chemical scrubbers effectively treat pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The airstream travels through a packed bed as the scrubbing solution recirculates between the sump and the spray headers for optimum efficiency and reliable results.


Thanks to their innovative biofilter and biotrickling filter technology, Perry is at the forefront of municipal odor control. Their designs eliminate hydrogen sulfide and reduce sulfur compounds. Perry biofilters are available as both modular and built-in-place systems designed specifically for your operation.

Air Strippers & Degasifiers

Absorb and remove specific contaminants from the incoming liquid stream with Perry’s line of air strippers and degasifiers. Though the equipment is similar to their chemical scrubbing systems, air stripping is the functional opposite. Some plants require both while others will benefit from one more than the other. It’s important to choose the proper equipment for the job at hand. DXP Pacific can help!

Grease Filters & Mist Eliminators (Pre-Filters)

Perry offers their H and V series grease filters/mist eliminators. They prevent mist and grease from entering downstream equipment by using high-performance stainless steel and polypropylene mesh pads that safely remove 99.9% of contaminants 10 microns or larger.

FRP Stacks

Various industries will benefit from their in-house designed and manufactured FRP stacks. They offer exceptional corrosion resistance compared to metal or concrete stacks. They are also lightweight and easy to install.

FRP Dampers

Perry utilizes only highly corrosion-resistant parts for its engineered AMCA and non-AMCA Certified FRP dampers. They are fire-retardant and UV protected and can be built-in or flanged for easy removal.

FRP Piping

An air or fluid moving system is only as good as its pipes. Perry applies their lightweight and corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) that offers many unique benefits compared to metallic piping at a more affordable price point.

FRP Tanks

FRP tanks are robust, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They are available in various sizes (including vertical and horizontal orientations), with a custom manufacturing option based on your specification. In addition, Perry uses filament-wound laminate or contact-molded laminate techniques for added performance capabilities.

FRP Brine Tanks

When making, storing, or delivering brine, you want an FRP brine tank from Perry Fiberglass. They are a more economical solution and offer long-lasting durability. However, brines are generally highly corrosive, so you need a fiberglass-coated brine tank that can stand up to the fluids inside.


Perry designs and manufactures fire-retardant and UV-protected fiberglass enclosures. They offer fiberglass buildings ranging in size from 24 inches up to 20 feet.


Perry has been producing high-quality fans since 1984. They are a must when dealing with odor control and air pollution avoidance.

Custom/OEM Fabrications

When you need custom-fabricated piping, tank, or enclosures, you will benefit from Perry’s durable,  corrosion-resistant FRP material. They excel at producing different equipment and components to meet any odor-eliminating task in any industry.


Many of our clients at DXP Pacific utilize FRP tanks, piping, filters, and other equipment from Perry Fiberglass Products. Their unique materials offer excellent performance and durability while presenting more affordable and convenient solutions to typical odor-minimizing applications. Worries about air pollution are a thing of the past with Perry!

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