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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Premier Flow is an Oklahoma-based company leading the way in quality package pumping systems. Their equipment is proudly designed and built in the U.S.A. using a network of excellent production facilities throughout the country.

Premier Flow specializes in custom package pumping systems integration, working with the customer from initial concept to final fabrication to make sure users get the operating performance they desire. They are truly among the best at what they do, and DXP Pacific is proud to be a product partner with this amazing company.


The mission of Premier Flow is as follows: “To bring the industry a higher level of customer service and technical expertise from inception to successful completion.” In other words, they are dedicated to providing their highest standards of quality, service and engineering excellence to provide ultimate satisfaction for each and every one of their customers.

Product Overview

Booster Systems

Premier Flow offers standard and custom booster system designs that provide excellent operating efficiency and are compliant with various hygienic standards, including NSF/ANSI-372 pump systems for domestic drinking water.

Fire Pump Systems

When you need a dependable fire pump system, look to Premier Flow for standard or custom fire pump system designs and equipment. They meet all safety standards and are factory hydro and electric tested. They can come skid-mounted or use pre-fabricated enclosure designs.

Heat Transfer Systems

Premier Flow manufactures a variety of packaged heat transfer pump systems, including shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, snow melt systems, steam control valve assemblies, condensate assemblies and complete water assemblies with constant or variable designs.

HVAC Packaged Systems

Premier Flow HVAC Packaged Systems are expertly engineered and constructed for high-grade commercial and industrial applications.

Municipal Packaged Systems

When dealing with water supply applications such as domestic water supply, raw water supply, plant water supply, effluent water supply, seal water, lake-flow systems and rainwater harvesting, you need a powerful packaged pump system to get the job done right. Premier Flow has the municipal packaged systems to fit the bill.

Industrial Packaged Systems

For all the same water supply applications listed above, Premier Flow manufacturers industry-specific packaged systems designed and built with your plant’s needs in mind.

Packaged Control Systems

Many applications require an accurate and dependable control system. Premier Flow has you covered with their packaged control systems that meet industry standards and utilized high-grade electronic and mechanical components.

Central Plant Packaged Systems

Premier Flow offers many different central plant packaged systems including boilers, chillers, HVAC pumps, heat transfer exchanges, water supply, fire protection, condensate, cooling towers, chemical treatments and storage tanks. From custom designs to standard equipment, Premier Flow is a leader in their field of packaged system production.

DXP Pacific Partnership

When our customers need high-grade packaged pump systems for specialized applications, we turn to Premier Flow as a premier provider of standard equipment and custom system design. Contact DXP Pacific to learn more about Premier Flow and their leading-edge American-made products and services.