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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

PRIMEX focuses on water control solutions for water and wastewater applications, offering a full suite of products and services to provide accurate pump system control, remote monitoring, automation, and integration. Their solutions allow you to get more out of your equipment while optimizing overall system productivity.

Each product manufactured by PRIMEX is carefully engineered and rigorously tested for safety and performance. They utilize the highest-grade materials and are focused on delivering operator-ready, trouble-free products to their customers. In addition, they are continually innovating with new ideas inspired by industry demands and challenges.

Industries & Applications

PRIMEX offers engineering, project management, programming, custom fabrication, system testing, and field maintenance/repair services. They deliver tailored solutions to provide peak performance, reduce operating costs, and extend equipment lifespans. Finally, their products are utilized in a variety of industries and applications:

  • Municipal — Many municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities utilize PRIMEX control systems with their water collection/distribution, well control, and other processes.
  • Governmental — PRIMEX engineers have worked closely with government branches like the Department of Defense, the Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA to provide accurate control systems for applications ranging from stormwater pumping to nuclear submarine base waste treatment.
  • Environmental — Many water and wastewater applications directly affect the environment. PRIMEX develops control solutions to protect the environment around your operation while keeping your equipment safe from any extreme operating conditions.
  • Industrial — PRIMEX control systems are utilized in many different industries and applications, including food processing, irrigation, dry cleaning, dairy, and petrochemical processing.
  • Aqua-Culture — Fish hatcheries and aquatic conservation reservoirs use PRIMEX control solutions to reduce water costs and provide more efficient water distribution results.

Product Overview

PRIMEX manufacturers high-quality product solutions to meet the demands of their clientele. Their primary focus is control and monitoring systems that enable users to optimize their pump equipment operation.

ACCEL Panel Program

These pre-engineered control panels from PRIMEX provide accelerated lead times. They deliver cutting-edge base model solutions for simplex, duplex, and triplex water and wastewater applications with a 10-day build-to-ship lead-time promise.

Control Panels

PRIMEX is best known for its exceptional control panel line, ranging from simple pump controllers to state-of-the-art SCADA systems. They produce standard control panels to meet UL standards and provide custom solutions engineered to fit your specific needs. As a result, you can provide better control and complete automation with these systems from PRIMEX:

            • Motor Control

            • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

            • Alarm Notification

            • Multiple Pump Control

            • PLC and SCADA Systems

            • Dedicated Function Controllers

            • Operator Interface Terminals

            • Reduced Voltage Starters

            • Remote Monitoring & Telemetry

Pump Controllers

PRIMEX offers float and analog transducer-based controllers for municipal water and wastewater applications. These controllers provide optimum reliability and full integration with in-house printed circuit board (PCB) capabilities.

Systems Integration

From concept to completion, PRIMEX can provide systems integration solutions to meet your specific needs. Services include consultation, system design, engineering, control panel fabrication, telemetry, programming, networking, system testing, and field services for every type of automation and control technology.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control are critical with today’s advanced pump systems. You can optimize your system and provide complete control from anywhere while monitoring your equipment performance in real-time to catch potential problems long before they happen.


From float switches and submersible level transmitters to mounting systems, PRIMEX has you covered with all the necessary equipment and accessories to have a more efficient and effective control system.

DXP Pacific Partnership

DXP Pacific has partnered with PRIMEX to help our municipal and industrial clients optimize their water and wastewater management systems. Their control panels and other equipment pair perfectly with many of our other manufacturers’ pump systems to provide you with the best possible performance. As a result, you can get more out of your equipment with enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about PRIMEX and its suite of excellent control solutions and services.