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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

TECO-Westinghouse is a leading manufacturer of electric motors. These motors are used in various industries to drive pump systems, compressors, generators, mixers, macerators, fans, and other rotating equipment.

Company History

Many know the Westinghouse name from home appliances—this brand has been around for over 120 years. However, Westinghouse is also a top manufacturer of industrial equipment. It started with the development of the Westinghouse Gas Turbine Systems Division in 1971, which led to the Heavy Industrial Motor Division in 1975 and eventually the Westinghouse Motor Company (WMC) in 1988.

In 1995, TECO acquired the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and, within a couple of years, decided to change the WMC name to TECO-Westinghouse with a focus on the North American industrial motor market. The company continues evolving and its sterling reputation in the pump industry with exceptional motors and drive control systems.

Industries & Applications

TECO-Westinghouse motors and other products are used in many industries and pump system applications. They are most commonly used in these key industries:

            • Pulp & Paper

            • Oil & Gas

            • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing

            • Marine Propulsion

            • Mining

            • Steel Production

            • Electric Utility

            • Water & Wastewater Management

Product Overview

TECO-Westinghouse offers an extensive line of motors and drive control units to power your pumps and specialized rotating equipment.

Stock Motors

TECO-Westinghouse produces ready-to-use stock motor drives with open drip-proof (ODP), enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) configurations, and closed- or open-shaft designs. These motors are available in variable horse powers, speeds, voltages, and frequencies.

• Single Phase ODP Motors

• Single Phase TEFC Motors

• Three Phase ODP Motors

• Three Phase TEFC Motors

• Medium Voltage ODP Motors

• Medium Voltage TEFC Motors

• Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

• Vertical Closed Shaft Motors

Custom Motors

TECO-Westinghouse works with industrial and municipal operators across North America, providing custom-engineered motor solutions. From specialty motors to large-scale drive systems, they can meet any challenge presented by even the most extreme industrial pumping and processing applications.

• Induction Motors (250 hp to 30,000 hp)

• Synchronous Motors (2,000 hp to 100,000 hp)

• DC Motors (250 hp to 35,000 hp)

Drives & Controls

When it comes to drive control and monitoring systems, TECO-Westinghouse is recognized as one of the top manufacturers. Their equipment can provide precise starter control of pumps and other rotating equipment, as well as on-site and remote monitoring capabilities to optimize maintenance, system performance, and energy efficiency.

• Low-Voltage AC Drives

• Medium-Voltage AC Drives

• Legacy AC Drives

• Soft Starters

• Braking Units

Green Energy Solutions

TECO-Westinghouse is a company focused on the future with an emphasis on energy-efficient technology and renewable turn-key solutions for enhanced long-term sustainability. They are continually developing new Green Energy products, such as the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), explicitly designed for micro-grid systems. This technology utilizes both solar and wind energy alongside existing energy resources.

Another example of their Green Energy initiative is the Heat Recovery System (HRS). It was introduced in 2020 to provide oil and gas customers with enhanced access to renewable energy sources. They are also a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the United States as our country continues its push toward less petroleum dependency.

DXP Pacific Partnership

TECO-Westinghouse is an excellent company and trusted manufacturer of motors and advanced drive control systems. To learn more about how their products and services might improve your pump system, contact DXP Pacific today.