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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

UniGuard™ Machine Guard was created in 1994, giving them decades of experience in the industrial maintenance sphere, primarily in the power and chemical fields. The innovative UniGuard™ Machine Guard primarily encloses a rotating coupling or V-Belt connecting the shafts of the driven equipment and the driver (usually an electric motor) to prevent harm to people working around the equipment.

UniGuard™ creates both ready-made and customizable rotating shafts and drive components, each made from sturdy polyethylene. They are rust-resistant and unaffected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, making them safe for outdoor use. 

Product Overview

Uniguard Machine Guards produces various machine guards for pump systems and other processing equipment, including vertical or horizontal belts, clear polycarbonate, polyethylene, and nonmetallic guards. Their high-quality machine guards are available in several different materials, including metal and nonmetallic polyethylene.

All Uniguard products are ANSI/OSHA-compliant. They are convenient to install and can replace in-house or expensive custom-engineered compliant machine guards. In addition, Uniguard’s nonmetallic machine guards are weatherproof, UV protected and designed to withstand extreme operating environments–making them a safe and durable option.

Here are Uniguard’s primary product lines:

Barrel Style Pump Guards

These nonmetallic guards are designed specifically for ANSI pumps. They will not dent or rust, with accessible installation features that eliminate the need for drilling base plates to mount the guards. Adapter plates are available to fit many popular pump brands.

Type GDSA Coupling Guards

GDSA Coupling Guards feature a one-piece split design that remains connected on top while allowing for adjustable lengths. The design makes installations quick and manageable, and the adjustability will help protect the coupling systems of many different types of equipment.

Type CG Split Guards

Make field modifications and installations easy with CG Split Guards. There are no special tools required and can be customized with shaft holes or slotted vents upon request.

Type CGU-Kit Guard

Uniguard’s most economical guarding solution, the Type CGU-Kit Guard, is a one-piece doghouse style guard that conveniently slips over the equipment shafts. Customizable panels can then be adjusted to fill the space underneath the shaft.

CLGU Machine Guard

The CLGU Machine Guard is one of Uniguard’s most innovative products. It is a vertically split two-piece coupling guard and features a clear polycarbonate window that is easy to remove for stroboscope inspections or coupling lubrication. The window is easy to clean and allows for easier monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

Belt/Chain Guards

Uniguard’s belt and chain guards are available in three different configurations to fit various equipment and provide the necessary protection from the elements:

  • Horizontal Guard
  • Vertical Guard
  • Mounted Guard

Jack Shaft Guard

Jack Shaft Guards provide a lightweight alternative to heavy metal guards in paper and steel mills. They will fit fixed or adjustable shaft lengths, and offer transparent inspection windows for convenient visual inspection and manual maintenance.

UniClear Seal Guards

UniClear Seal Guards meet government regulations that require all rotating machinery is guarded–ensuring employee safety. UniClear seal guards have effortless installation and allow for visual inspections. In addition, they are economical and corrosion-resistant because of their  polycarbonate (shield), high-density polyethylene (frame), and stainless steel fastener composition.

Flat Inspection Windows

Flat inspection windows are an additional option for any Uniguard machine guard that has a flat surface large enough for a window. These clear polycarbonate windows provide excellent visibility and easy access to shafts for inspections and maintenance.


When you have sophisticated industrial pump systems and rotating equipment, you need sophisticated machine guards. Uniguard’s exceptional products provide the protection, safety, and compliance need to enhance your operation. To find the right machine guards for your specific equipment and to customize your Uniguard machine guards, contact DXP Pacific.