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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Viking Pump leads the rotary Positive Displacement Pumps industry by its innovative design and range of pump models, sizes, and compositions. In addition, Viking offers over 100 years of experience, providing the highest quality results. Since 1911, their innovative products have been key contributors to successful operations in virtually every industry—from military, food and beverage, chemicals, fuels, and plastics.

In 2020, Viking joined forces with Wright Flow Technologies. Their partnership led to a hygienic line of products that combines local engineering and global distribution with 40 plus years of market expertise and solutions for sanitary applications.

Their product expansion of offering rotary lobe, circumferential piston, and centrifugal pumps rounds allows every customer to find what they need.

Product Overview

Viking Pump has been a leading manufacturer of rotary positive displacement pumps since they began innovative pump engineering in 1911. Their pumps are found in almost every industry and used to transfer just about every type of material you can imagine–designed to handle materials that are thin, thick, hot, cold, liquid, solid, slurry, and more. 

Viking Pump produces various pump models in different sizes and configurations to meet your specific pumping application and offers customized pump systems upon request. 

Here are Viking Pump’s primary product lines:

Universal Line

Viking Pump currently offers 35 models within their Universal line,  designed to hand standard liquids. They offer variable motor speeds and flow rates (up to 1600 GPM) with reliable performance and excellent durability. Within this pump line, there are different seal options, drive configurations and construction materials, depending on your process application:

  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

Motor Speed Line

Currently, there are 14 pumps available in Viking Pump’s Motor Speed line, constructed from cast iron, stainless steel, and steel with variable seal options and drive configurations. Motor Speed Line pumps can handle lower processing rates up to 580 GPM, with the 4195 Series offering the largest throughput capabilities.

Hygienic Pumps

Viking Pump also manufactures popular hygienic pumps for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and certain chemical processing applications. When you need to keep outside contaminants out and meet specific sanitary standards, these are the pumps you need. Their hygienic pumps are constructed of high-grade 316 stainless steel (some also featuring Alloy 808) and are available with variable seal configurations to prevent contamination and leaks.

Spur Gear Pumps

The SG Series is Viking Pump’s spur gear pump option, ideal for oil and gas, chemical metering, chemical missing, low volume transfer, and hydraulic applications. These pumps can handle capacities up to 190 GPM, viscosity levels from 28 up to 1 million SSU, pressures up to 500 PSI, and temperatures ranging from -40° to 450°F.

Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary vane pumps are ideal for high-pressure hydraulics, automotive and food/beverage applications. Viking offers the LVP Series pump as their featured vane pump. It can handle capacities up to 160 GPM, viscosity levels of 28 to 2,300 SSU, pressures up to 200 PSI, and temperatures ranging from 0° to 275°F.

Liquid Specific Pumps

Viking Pump produces high-grade pumps designed to process particular liquids and materials–from asphalt and ammonia to chocolate and ethanol. Viking focuses on making sure its users have the right pump for the specific process fluid by researching and working directly with customers to find ideal solutions to any pumping challenge.


Finally, Viking Pump manufactures replacement parts and specialized accessories to enhance your pump system and keep your equipment running its best for a longer lifespan. Some of their accessories include motors, strainers and reducers. 


Most industries utilize rotary positive displacement. They are versatile, dependable, and durable. Viking Pump goes the extra mile by developing their pumps with specialized features, materials and options that make them adaptable for many different applications. 

DXP Pacific is here to help. As a proud product partner of Viking Pumps, we’ll guide you through the pump selection, installation and maintenance process. Contact us today to get started.