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Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Looking for a Specific Type of Pump?

Vogelsang started in 1929 producing sawmill before becoming one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of agricultural tankers. Today, they have subsidiary facilities worldwide, including their American headquarters in Ravenna, Ohio. 1970 was a pivotal year for Vogelsang when they invented the world’s first elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump. This self-priming pump revolutionized the agricultural sector with robust processing power and foreign-matter-resistant technology.

Vogelsang strives to listen to its customers, practices collaborative thinking, and is consistently researching new ideas. At Vogelsang, complacency is not an option. Instead, they adapt products to match what customers need and personally care about your success.

Product Overview

Since 1970, Vogelsang has continued to lead the way in the rotary lobe pump market. A rotary lobe pump is a type of positive-displacement pump that utilizes two or more pumps around parallel shafts within the pump’s body, providing efficient movement of fluids and other materials. Vogelsang also produces progressive cavity pumps, centrifugal pumps, grinders, separators, feeders, spreaders, and more. Various industries utilize their equipment, including food and beverage, biopharmaceutical, agricultural technology, wastewater treatment, biogas, and transportation.

Here are Vogelsang’s primary product lines:

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang is most known for its rotary lobe pumps, created over 50 years ago! Rotary lobe pumps offer self-priming abilities up to a depth of nine meters. They are highly efficient and can handle media containing foreign matter and capacities up to 1,400 m3/hour and pressures up to 16 BAR.

  • VX Series—The all-around great rotary lobe pump
  • IQ Series—The intelligent rotary lobe pump
  • R Series—The sturdy and dependable heavy duty rotary lobe pump
  • FX Series—The agricultural rotary lobe pump (aka the “FarmerPump”)
  • GL Series—The most powerful rotary lobe pump

Progressive Cavity Pumps

The CC Series is Vogelsang’s quick-service progressive cavity pump. It is easy to maintain with minimal space requirements and a mechanical seal that is simple to exchange. This pump also offers a variety of component options for changing parts and custom configurations.

Centrifugal Pumps

Vogelsang manufactures the PowerFill centrifugal pump, which efficiently fills vacuum tanks in tankers. In addition full utilization of the transport volume allows for more precise spreading of liquid manure due to homogenization.

Grinders & Separators

Vogelsang produces specialized grinders and separators for certain processing applications. They offer single or twin-shaft grinders and combination grinder systems. From solid matters to wet materials, Vogelsang grinders can handle them all. When liquid media and foreign matter need to be separated, Vogelsang’s DebrisCatcher is the separator for the job.


Disintegration technology is necessary for most biogas and sewage treatment applications. Vogelsang manufactures cutting-edge disintegration equipment:

  • Electrokinetic Disintegration—Vogelsang’s BioCrack technology utilizes a high-voltage field that breaks up the medium’s molecular structures.
  • Mechanical Disintegration—Vogelsang’s DisRuptor technology employs a mechanical method in which external forces break down the medium’s particles.

Solid Matter Feeder

Digester feeding has a vital role in the biogas industry. Vogelsang solid matter feeders provide a more efficient and profitable solution that will increase gas yield while reducing energy usage for mixing, stirring, and pumping.

Spreading Technology

Liquid manure is commonly used in agriculture. Vogelsang has developed innovative spreading technology for the most precise and efficient spreading of liquid manure. They offer the following spreading systems:

  • Dribble Bar Systems
  • Trailing Shoe Systems
  • Umbilical Systems
  • Precision Distributors
  • Soil Cultivation


Vogelsang is an excellent DXP Pacific product partner. Many of our customers utilize their exceptional rotary lobe pumps and other pump systems to benefit their operations.

Let the team at DXP Pacific know what kind of equipment you are looking for or what materials you are handling at your operation. We’ll help you find the right pump(s) and other specialty equipment to maximize production and increase energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.