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Seepex: CS Progressive Cavity Pumps

Seepex pumps and accessories are some of the most popular products at Cortech Engineering. One of Seepex’s best pump series is the CS progressive cavity product group. These powerful and effective pumps are specifically designed for the food industry, with multiple uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries because of their specialized functionality and features.
Due to the high-velocity flow in the suction casing, these progressive cavity pumps are ideal for maintaining the most sanitary conditions, which is important when processing foods and other products used for health and beauty. Seepex CS pumps satisfy the highest standards and requirements in terms of gentle conveying, sanitation, cleaning and sterilization. This includes compliance with 3-A Sanitary Standards of the USA and with EHEDG directives. Secondary seals are FDA approved, as well.
In addition to the sanitary benefits, another excellent feature of the Seepex CS progressive cavity pumps is the ease of maintenance. They are simple to install and maintenance is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-assemble joints and plug-in connection between the unit and the drive. There are no special tools required for assembly or disassembly, which means little downtime for processing.
The pump casing is optimized and free of dead space, which will prevent product build-up. This aids in cleaning because the high-quality casing surfaces and the rotating internal parts ensure that everything stays residue-free. Seepex CS progressive cavity pumps also allow for multiple mechanical seal options to keep the shaft sealing completely hygienic. Not only do these pumps have CIP (Cleaning in Place) features, but they can be cleaned with superheated steam for SIP (“Sterilization in Place”) capabilities.
To learn more about Seepex’s dynamic CS line of progressive cavity pumps for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or cosmetic applications, contact Cortech today. We’ll help you get the right pump for the job at hand and the most out of your industrial pump needs.