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Seepex Hygienic Pumps for the Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, sanitary conditions are non-negotiable, requiring hygienic pumps for most processing duties on factory floors. And whether it be canning fruits and vegetables, distilling alcohol, or producing baked goods, you need pumps to match the specific task at hand–you need efficiency and cleanliness.

Seepex is one of the world’s leading hygienic pump manufacturers. As a result, a wide variety of food and beverage applications utilize their pump equipment–and rightfully so–the case studies show the effectiveness of this equipment.

Today, we provide a brief overview of three unique hygienic food and beverage examples they’ve featured.

It’s Whiskey Business

Jameson Whiskey is widely recognized but not as popularly known that the Irish Distillers who produce this famous beverage use the Seepex BT Series hygienic pumps. These pumps allow distillers to increase production yield without sacrificing quality by optimizing the draff mash from the stills–the result?–A feed production system that converts mash into high-quality animal feed.

Previously, this was an impossible task, as the plant used a series of pneumatic conveyors, which are highly inefficient and hinder other aspects of whiskey production.

In the end, Seepex pumps increased distillery productivity by 50%, while processing times were nearly cut in half (from 55 minutes to 22 minutes). Finally, energy costs reached an all-time low.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Seepex and one of the UK’s leading fruit and vegetable food producers came together to address multiple applications involving hygienic product waste processing. For example, one system used a progressive cavity pump, open hopper, and low-speed twin-shaft cutting unit. Unfortunately, bridging was a common issue in the macerator inlet, causing significant backups and downtime when the inlet had to be cleared and cleaned.

A different system, which utilized a screw compressor and conveyor belts, consistently failed to meet hygienic requirements. Seepex designed and delivered a complete waste, transfer, and dewatering system with two Seepex BTM range pumps to address the issue. Alongside this technology was an open hopper, feed screw, and cutting blades, which increased efficiency conveyance and maceration. Ultimately, the plant had a single system for conveying and macerating with much-improved hygienic standards and higher production capabilities.

Better Butter Boiling

Wolf ButterBack is a producer of premium frozen baked goods. In one day, the plant easily went through at least 18 tons of butter, used to deep fry certain baked goods before freezing. But, as product demand was rising, they knew a more scalable system was in order–one that would provide a solution to filling boiling pans with melted butter.

Seepex brought in the BTCS hygienic hopper pump, resulting in a streamlined melting process and automatic delivery to the boiling. The result was a significantly more efficient operation and a closed melting and boiling system that ensured higher hygienic standards.

Visit the Seepex blog today to learn more about these specific case studies. Look no further for an efficient pump system that will also uphold the highest hygienic requirements.

At DXP Pacific, we’re proud to be a longtime product partner of Seepex. To learn more about their hygienic pumps and for help with selecting and configuring the ideal pump system for your specific food and beverage application, contact us today.