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Seepex Introduces New 2 Stage SCT

Seepex has just introduced their new 2 Stage SCT! SCT is an innovative technology that was developed for use with progressive cavity pumps, and the new two stage version will revolutionize the way you do business. The benefits of the new SCT are far and wide making this one of Seepex’s great achievements.
The single stage SCT was designed for pressures up to 4 bar. The introduction of the two stage SCT will now allow consumers to utilize it for pressures up to 8 bar. With double the allowable pressure capacity, the pump can work faster, harder, and longer. Each component was designed to last longer than its predecessor and function at full capacity for the life of the pump. In addition, the two stage SCT offers:

  • Lifting aids have been built into the pump itself
  • Rotor and stator life has been increased by 200 percent
  • Maintenance time has been reduced by 85 percent
  • No special tools are required
  • Readjustable to account for any wear
  • Increased efficiency over the single stage
  • Power requirement is lower
  • Reduced risk of ragging

Each of these updated benefits will contribute to an increase in production and more efficient operation. Seepex’s reputation as a leader in technology for pump designs precedes the launch of the highly anticipated 2 Stage SCT. Their pumps are designed for low to highly viscous, abrasive or aggressive media where it is necessary to pump at low pulsation rates. This particular Seepex pump was developed with an intelligent tensioning system and was not presented to the public until June of 2015. Now is the time to upgrade to the best in efficient pumping. Cortech is proud to offer a range of Seepex pumps. Call a representative today at (714) 779-0911 to order the new 2 Stage SCT, or any other of the pumps we offer.