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Seepex Supplies Smart Conveying Technology at Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Stonehenge is one of the most visited ancient attractions in Britain. The monument is over 3,500 years old and is gaining more and more visitors every year. To help people understand the history and significance of the monument, a new visitor centre was built.
With the construction of this new centre came the need to develop a sewage system that could accommodate the amount of effluent created by visitors during their tour. Wanting this project to be completed properly and with state-of-the-art equipment, the centre hired Seepex to develop a system for them. Seepex produces the most advanced developments in progressive cavity pump design, and that it why it was chosen to upgrade the wastewater treatment system at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
English Heritage, operator of the visitor centre, informed Seepex that a compact design with low noise emissions was needed in addition to a layout and plan that improved their environmental footprint. Up to the task, Seepex worked in conjunction with Nijhuis H20K to incorporate a Membrane Bioreactor into the system.
In addition, the engineers from both companies determined that the pump that would be used in the system must be able to handle the bioreactor sludge that was mixed with screenings. This sludge is currently removed from the centre daily by tanker trucks. The pump must also be able to handle abrasive and varying sized particles. With these determiners in place, Seepex was able to recommend and install the Seepex Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) pump.
The design consists of an adjustable retaining segment that leads to a longer service life with little maintenance. The centre would also be able to lower their operating costs while still improving their environmental footprint, a requirement of the system, if they used the SCT pump. Another appealing factor of the SCT pump is its ability to have maintenance performed on it without the necessity of removing any pipework.
After considering all of the advantages of the Seepex SCT pump, it was installed into the Stonehenge Visitor Centre system. To learn more about Seepex pumps for your applications, contact Cortech today.