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Simplify Your Mine Dewatering with this Pump from SEEPEX

Almost all mining operations have to deal with water in some capacity. Some need to feed water to a wash plant. Others need to dewater flooded areas and keep water from filling up low-lying sections of the mine. Many mines need multiple pumps for multiple water moving purposes.

The Challenges of Mine Dewatering

Dewatering is a major need at most mines, and you need a specialized pump to handle the job. The good news is that SEEPEX makes a pump specially designed for mine dewatering. Their MIN Mine Dewatering Unit is engineered for mine dewatering applications, including separation of solids and conveying water to and from the mine. Miners often have to deal with silt, slurries, debris, gravels and ores. This pump handles it all efficiently to keep your mining operation up and running. 

We all know that in mining, time is money, and you can’t afford to have extended periods of downtime due to pump failure. Some pumps just aren’t designed to handle the rigors of a mine. Even pumps made for dewatering don’t work well for all dewatering applications. Mining presents its own unique challenges.

About the SEEPEX MIN Mine Dewatering Unit

The SEEPEX MIN Mine Dewatering Unit is a very efficient pump that will lower operating costs with excellent energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. It is fast and simple to maintain, which will reduce downtime. The pump, along with the suction and discharge pipework, can remain in place when you need to change the rotor or stator. In addition, the pump has a very compact, self-contained design that makes it easy to transport from one mine site to another or do a quick retrofit into existing mine dewatering systems.

The SEEPEX MIN Mine Dewatering Unit has a conveying capacity of up to 20 liters per second (equivalent to 72 m3/hour or 317 gallons per minute). It can handle pressures up to 24 BAR (equivalent to 350 PSI or 240m total head).

Specialized Pump Features and Benefits

This pump features a bi-directional skid design for easier movement and placement on different mine surfaces. You never have to dismantle the pipework when moving the pump, retrofitting it or performing maintenance. These are robust pumps ideal for small spaces and excellent mobility. The unit is made of lightweight components and you can maintain it in-place. The patented rotor connection makes for quick assembly. The rotor/stator unit is shorter in length and uses equal wall technology that will provide increased pressure capabilities. 

SEEPEX is known worldwide as a premier pump manufacturer and we think they hit it out of the park with this Mine Dewatering Unit. It is versatile and dependable, which is exactly what you need at your mining operation. 

To learn more about the SEEPEX MIN Mine Dewatering Unit or their other incredible pump lines for specialty applications, contact DXP Pacific today. Let us help you find the best pump for your plant that provides the performance, efficiency and reliability you require to keep your operation running smoothly.