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Why Use a Self-Priming Pump?

Self-priming pumps offer certain advantages over standard centrifugal pumps that require manual priming. The biggest difference is obviously that they prime themselves without the need for outside attention. Not only does this make self-priming pumps more efficient than alternative designs, it also provides additional benefits that are useful in many industrial applications.   How Self-Priming […]

Achieving Efficiency in High-Pressure Pumping

High-pressure pumping applications such as chemical, petrochemical, pipeline transfer service, water injection and polyethylene terephthalic acid (PTA) reactor feeds  need an API-compliant centrifugal pump that can handle flow rates of 300-1,500 gallons per minute (gpm) and heads up to 15,000 feet (4,572 meters).   Why You Need Peak Efficiency In these high-pressure applications, reliable performance […]

What Effects Does Internal Clearance Have on Bearing Life?

When it comes to maintaining a bearing and maximizing its lifespan, internal clearance is an important factor to understand. If the clearance isn’t right, bearings will not perform efficiently and they will wear out more quickly.   What is Internal Clearance? First, it pays to understand what internal clearance represents. In essence, it is the […]

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wastewater Solids-Handling Pump

When you are processing wastewater, there is naturally a more demanding variety of materials and fluid consistencies running through your plant. Having a pump that can handle solids is a must. At Cortech Engineering, we are in the business of helping operators find the best pumps for their specific applications. When selecting a wastewater solids-handling […]

How Improving Your Pump System Saves Money

There are many factors that contribute to improving a pump system. By conducting some improvement measures, a pump system will be one step closer to optimization, which translates to savings. When a pump system is running at its best, it will use less energy, produce less wear on the system as a whole and the […]