DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Meet Lindsey Harless

As much as DXP Pacific is known for pumps, what really sets our company apart is our people. Throughout both of our California branches, we have built a strong culture thanks to the dedicated individuals who make up our team and their shared commitment to providing the best customer service possible.

Meet Lindsey
With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Lindsey Harless. She is our Service Coordinator at our Bakersfield office. Her role is a vital one, as she coordinates just about everything that runs through this busy branch. Lindsey is responsible for billing, ordering parts and helping manage the service department (among many other duties). She deals directly with customers, mechanics, engineers and suppliers. “People come to me with all sorts of problems and requests. I am kind of the central hub for everything that happens. It’s my job to figure it out and get them what they need,” Lindsey says.

Lindsey has been a part of the DXP Pacific family for almost two years. She started at our Anaheim branch as a Customer Service Representative. The Bakersfield office was having some organization issues last year after the previous Service Coordinator left, so Lindsey was asked to go up part time and help get things back in order. Before long, she proved she was the perfect candidate for the position and was offered to relocate full time.

Having grown up in Chino and working for years in Orange County, it was a tough decision to leave home. However, Lindsey knew it was a career opportunity she couldn’t pass up, so she moved to Bakersfield in January and has been making her mark at the branch ever since.

A Team Player
When asked why she enjoys working for DXP Pacific, Lindsey says, “The people make the experience worthwhile. The culture is very inclusive and special. As employees, we’re not overly micromanaged, but we can always get help whenever needed. It’s a real team approach. Plus, DXP is a really cool company in terms of how they treat their employees.”

Lindsey is someone who believes in the pump products and maintenance services that DXP Pacific provides. “What sets us apart is that DXP has longstanding connections with so many different suppliers,” she says. “We’re not just representing one or two manufacturers. This allows us to help our customers explore every option and find the best solution no matter what it takes. We’re not limited in any way.”

Never a Dull Moment
Because she is such a go-to person at the company, Lindsey is often presented with some odd requests. It’s common for a mechanic to come to her with nothing more than a grainy picture of a pump. Lindsey has to figure out what it is and order the right replacement parts, but she thrives on these kinds of challenges. “The funniest calls are from customers who really have no idea what we do, and I have to try and guide them in the right direction,” she says. “You wouldn’t believe how many requests we get for car parts and other obscure equipment that has nothing to do with pumps.”

Outside of work, Lindsey likes to stay active. Unfortunately, she broke her wrist right after moving to Bakersfield. She’s currently dying to get her cast off so she can get back to her normal workout and running routines.

We’re sure glad to have Lindsey on our team at DXP Pacific. It’s people like her who make our company what it is.