DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of DXP Pacific—Greg Scott, Projects Team Manager

Greg Scott has been an integral member of the DXP Pacific team since 2000, when he started his career with us as an applications engineer straight out of college. Today, he serves as a Projects Team Manager. This is a vital role in our company as he oversees a team of eight people and coordinates large-scale municipal and industrial pump system projects.

About Greg

Greg earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona. After a few years as an applications engineer at Cortech, he moved up to the Bay Area and did outside sales for another 13 years. But as an Orange County native he missed his home. He decided to move back in 2017 and accepted a new role as Projects Team Manager.

The fact that he has held multiple positions within the company—from engineering to sales—really makes a difference when he’s helping to oversee these major projects. Some of the clients he serves include large industrial plants and municipal providers such as LADWP, Orange County Sanitation and Eastern Municipal Water District (just to name a few). Greg works closely with sales and project coordinators to seek out bids and then he assigns and manages the various projects with his team.

“One of the things that really sets DXP Pacific apart is our ability to handle these large-scale municipal and industrial projects,” Greg says. “The company has a large infrastructure and a pool of diverse talent. There are so many smart people here with specific skillsets. Cortech has a great culture and our parent company, DXP, offers excellent resources, financial backing and training that allow us to be more aggressive with bids.”

The People Make the Difference

What Greg likes most about working for DXP Pacific is the people around him. Our team has great camaraderie. And even though team dinners and lunches aren’t happening very often now because of COVID-19, this is still a very close-knit group.

“There are good people here,” Greg adds. “DXP Pacific promotes the development of positive culture and collaboration throughout all departments. We can talk about stuff with one another and it’s good to know there is always someone willing and able to help when needed.”

Outside of Work

Greg was born and raised in Placentia and just bought his first house in Fullerton last year. He is currently engaged and enjoys spending quality time with his extended family throughout Southern California. In his free time, Greg loves to golf and play guitar, which he’s been doing since he was a teenager. He also enjoys going out and trying new restaurants throughout North Orange County, though it’s mostly take out these days until things get somewhat back to normal.

Greg is yet another wonderful example of the positive culture and quality people that define the spirit of DXP Pacific. He is a great leader and an excellent person we’re proud to have as a key member of our team.